Investor’s Market Place

Customer and their needs

Our client is a growing start-up based in Paris, France, with a wide and varied experience in investment finance, banking solutions, handling corporate relations, public relations, and more. In the present business situation, the group was facing immense difficulties such as a lack of financing for their ventures, controlling customers, operating management expenses, and investor relationships.

A one-stop-shop for managing fundraising rounds, as well as producing and delivering professional announcements to investors and outsiders, is what aspiring start-ups need. The new trend will be a forum where company profiles can be developed and proposals can be pitched. Shivagya Infosoft actively worked with the customer, understood the technical criteria, and faithfully converted to the operating approach leveraging the most recent new technology stack.


The customer agreed to strengthen its current structure and extend the multiple operations involved with corporate relations, customer service, and other tasks. They agreed to reuse the current preliminary framework and quickly and easily expand the codebase, introducing additional functionality to make the framework rich in terms of user experience and business demand.

Shivagya Infosoft was approached by our customer to provide a comprehensive solution by using the current source code for business development. During its growth, the proposed solution experienced many significant obstacles, which are described below:

  • Improve the client’s current source code, which has little or no documentation, and build a framework with advanced functionality.
  • Manage the application’s deployment of Signable APIs.
  • To help embedded processing, handle the reading of multiple financial documents in heterogeneous formats.
  • Convert all user-friendly assets to their full scale, before posting to the S3 bucket of Amazon.
  • Ensure that sufficient read and write access to confidential financial information, such as announcements or documents, is provided.


Tools & Technology

  • JAVA
  • React
  • Node JS
  • Postgre SQL
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Spring Security
  • Microservice
  • Spring Boot
  • Signable API
  • Text Magic
  • SendGrid Mail API
  • WorldPay


We successfully implemented our proposed approach to the customer using a strong mix of our industry-driven Java growth experience and technological skills. Our industry-friendly, forward-looking, and flexible strategy made daily use and access easier for customers. Besides, for intuitive frontend and backend, our experts used cutting-edge JavaScript technology such as React.JS and Node.JS. It provided information and simplified the bulk of their activities, as well as executing roles such as:

  • Analysis and implementation of a system
  • Integration and programming
  • Load monitoring and machine testing
  • Testing for consumer approval
  • Support and Maintenance

Shivagya Infosoft built a diverse B2B portal with foundational features such as:

  • Registration for end-users and admin approval.
  • The signature by a private entity and an investor of a digital contract.
  • Users (Company and Investor) will follow each other to collect announcements in their inboxes.
  • The corporation should keep a large-cap table that can be selectively shared with customers.
  • Any related announcements will be sent to registered users via e-mail.
  • Support for future projects.


The client chose Shivagya Infosoft as a product development partner because of its track record of delivering strong and reliable qualitative solutions in the IT industry. Our approach has also provided significant benefits to our emerging young business customer in France, Such as:

  • Concentrated focus on key market competencies.
  • Access to the most imaginative minds technologically.
  • Operating expenses were decreased overall.
  • Tracking specifics such as financing rounds, available openings, and matured stock options concerning the investment for greater exposure and planning.
  • An effective tool for detecting threats before they become challenges.
  • Reduce the expense of due diligence.
  • The solution is improved, scalable, and cost-effective.
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