eLearning Application


Our client is an eLearning solution provider based in Polska, Poland, that provides creative and cutting-edge technology services to educational leaders. The client wanted to create an eLearning portal that would unite different stakeholders into a single unified structure. This established product aimed to educate a large number of people online by using accessible materials, information, and skillsets of leaders.


With the changing demands of the educational world in mind, our client wanted to create an eLearning framework that will link classrooms, teachers, students, and parents on a streamlined basis. The client had some specifications for the package, including some essential features such as:

  • Schedules and lesson preparation
  • Homework and assignment control
  • Examining report cards
  • System of communication between students, teachers, and parents
  • Module for Appointments
  • Survey administration


Tools & Technology

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL


Shivagya Infosoft carefully examined the client’s needs to suggest the best-suited solution for their company. Our solution was built with the Ruby on Rails architecture, which allowed for the application’s scalability and sustainability. This will allow clients to quickly launch an eLearning platform with numerous functionalities for sharing course content, exchanging ideas, and freely discussing trending topics. We created a powerful eLearning solution that is both user-friendly and reliable.

Lesson management

We also made it easier for teachers to upload classes, classes, and knowledge for students in this section. Students can also access the lesson with an on-schedule date option.

Homework submissions

The instructor will assign assignments or practice exercises for each class. Students will have access to this homework and practice after they have completed learning the lesson.

Exam Module

Assessments for each lesson may be added by teachers and delegated to students. If the pupil has finished the test and can see the outcome on their report card


The system helps teachers and parents to arrange appointments.


This module has the ability to solicit input from parents. Teachers will create various surveys and distribute them to parents. Surveys are required for parents to get reviews.

Messaging module

A sophisticated communications module that allows teachers, pupils, and parents to interact with one another.


To keep everyone alert, the device will give alerts about various events. Notifications will be submitted for workshops, lesson plans, tests and grades, and so on.

Reports and Graphical statistic

Test report cards are available to obtain a rundown of how students did during classes, as well as test results. There is also a progress card feature of the parent’s accessibility section where parents can see their children’s test scores.


  • As a result, students will learn and clear their doubts at any time using the messaging method.
  • Parents are kept up to date with their children’s schooling and development.
  • Via this online portal, teachers can save time on monotonous tasks and invest in better learning resources that will support students.
  • Students have access to the learning system and textbooks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The client has enabled a feature that allows several schools to enroll on this site, which will create a new revenue stream.
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