Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy outlines how Shivagya Infosoft, its branches, and associates collect information from you when you visit our Website by using cookies and other similar technologies. It also reminds you of your rights to regulate how we use cookies.

What exactly are cookies and related technologies?

A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters that are stored on your computer the first time you access a website page, so that the next time you visit the page, the cookie knows your browser and reminds the web server that you are a returning user who has accessed specific web pages on the Website.

Cookies can be used to store your interests as well as other demographic information.

Cookies are divided into many groups, including:

  • First-party cookies: These are cookies that are set by the host of the website you are visiting.
  • Third-party cookies: These are cookies that are not set by the website’s creator but are used to guide you to the website.
  • Session cookies: These are cookies that are removed when you close your web browser.
  • Persistent cookies: Cookies that remain on your browser for a set amount of time before being deleted.

We Make Use of Many Types of Cookies

We use both first-party and third-party cookies to enable our server to easily identify you and provide you with a customized experience. Those are the main types of cookies that we use to fulfill our goals:

  • Essential Cookies are necessary to deliver access to the Website that you cannot refuse.
  • Performance cookies are used to gather information on how visits to our website use our services.
  • Functionality Cookies, which allow a website to identify a website user.
  • Advertising Cookies, which are used to deliver more appropriate ads depending on your preferences.
  • Analytics and Customization Cookies, which are used to determine the success of our website and marketing strategies.
  • Social Networking Cookies, which allow you to share our website pages via your social media account. This cookie form can also be used for advertisement purposes.

Cookie by a Third Party

Third-party cookies, such as those used by Google Analytics, are used to collect detailed web intelligence. Google Analytics’ programming codes provide us with details about the sites you’ve seen, the connections you’ve clicked, and how long you’ve been on the Website. Please see Google Analytics’ privacy policy for more detail about how it gathers and uses your information: Google’s Privacy Statement.

How Do You Use Cookies?

Since cookies appear to gather sensitive information about you, you have the choice of accepting or refusing them. You have the freedom to configure your cookie preferences and, as a result, can revoke or change your permission to use our cookies at any time by selecting the required choice in the connection given to you in order to configure your preferences.

If you want to ignore cookies, you may still be allowed to access our website; however, some parts of the website will be limited. You can find more detail about cookie management in your browser’s support toolbar.

Some Detection Approaches

Apart from cookies, we use other monitoring tools to identify and monitor our guests, as well as to determine the efficacy of our marketing messages. They can adjust from time to time, and you can request this information at any time by sending an email to

Policy Modifications

We amend our cookie policy in response to emerging technical advances, organizational or practical criteria, or improvements in the relevant privacy legislation. If the changes are important, we can alert you in advance by sending you an email that you have shared with us for contact purposes.

Please Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to read our Cookie Policy. If you have any concerns or suggestions about our Cookie Policy, please email us at

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