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Shivagya Infosoft would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Shivagya Infosoft offers IT services that help individuals and businesses improve their IT, Mobile, and Digital presence. Through visiting the Shivagya Infosoft website, you enter into a contractual agreement with Shivagya Infosoft (www.shivagya.com), including all functionality, user and graphic interfaces, information, and software apps associated with these services. Your deal with us requires your approval of these Terms of Use. When you visit the Shivagya Infosoft website (www.shivagya.com), you accept that you have read the Terms of Service and adhere to all of its requirements.

Ownership and acceptance of the Terms of Service

These terms and conditions regulate the subscription to and use of the Shivagya Infosoft website (www.shivagya.com) and other pages related to www.shivagya.com (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’) by Shivagya Infosoft, (hereinafter referred to as “Shivagya”), its subsidiaries, and affiliates. By accessing the Website, you agree to any of the Terms of Service, and if you DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT View OR USE THE WEBSITE.

Agreement Modifications

Shivagya Infosoft retains the right, at any time and without warning, to amend, alter, add, or delete any clause of these Terms of Use.

You are solely responsible for checking these Terms of Service for updates regularly. If you continue to use the Website after the changes have been made, you are suggesting that you recognize and consent to the changes. Your use of the Website is contingent on your approval of all of the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Copyright with Limited Liability

Unless otherwise specified, all text, visual interfaces, user interfaces, graphics, trademarks, logos, videos, pictures, sound files, music files, domain name, and computer software code (collectively, ‘website content’) on the Website are the exclusive property of Shivagya Infosoft.

You may use the information available on Shivagya products and services that Shivagya has intentionally created, produced, and made available for download from the Website, given that you:

  1. Do not violate any local, federal, national, or international law.,
  2. Use the information only for legitimate, non-commercial information purposes,
  3. Do not tamper with the identifiers or proprietary notices on the products or services.

You agree and accept that, as both you and Shivagya, the Website and its content are Shivagya’s exclusive and exclusive property.

Shivagya grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the Website for personal and non-commercial purposes, provided that you respect and comply with all of the Terms of Use to secure Shivagya’s statutory, legislative, and common law rights. Any use of the Website or its content that is not expressly permitted herein is strictly forbidden and will result in the revocation of the license issued herein. Shivagya retains the right, at its own discretion, to revoke the license at any time and without warning.

Usage of the Internet for You

You may not seek to obtain unauthorized access to the Website or any part of the Website or website material in any way that is not specifically permitted in the Terms of Use.

You may not copy, reproduce, or redistribute the Website or any portion of its content in any way that violates Shivagya’s intellectual property rights.

You can not use hacking or any other unauthorized means to track, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer the Website or any part of the content, or any other systems or networks linked to the Website or the servers.

You can not request information about any other users or visitors to the Website or any other Shivagya customer by any means with the intent to expose or misuse the information.

When using the Website or linking to the Website, you can not claim to be a representative of another organization or individual or impersonate anyone else.

You agree not to obstruct or interfere with any section or feature of the Website, or with the use of the Website by any other user.

You consent not to use the Website or its content for any reason or in any way that is unethical or forbidden under these Terms of Use which infringes on Shivagya’s or anyone else’s rights.

Terms and Conditions Supplementary

Additional terms and conditions that may extend to a certain component of the website’s content or functionality, including but not limited to advertisements or competitions, are inserted into these Terms of Use through this reference.

You consent to abide by these terms and conditions, including the provision that you be of legal age to engage in such program or use such function, where applicable.

If these Terms of Use disagree with the additional terms posted for specific services on the Website, the latter shall control your use of those services. Shivagya is under no requirement to upgrade updates in specific offerings with regards to goods and services that could be out of date.

Content Given by Third Party

The Website can provide third-party material, such as links to web pages and references to third-party websites or information is given on those websites (collectively, “Third Party Content”). You can leave the Website and access Third-Party Content at your own risk, and Shivagya accepts no responsibility for claims resulting from losses or injury, or possible loss, incurred by such Third-Party Content.

Shivagya is not responsible for the authenticity of Third Party Content, nor does it accept responsibility for the associated harm, uncertainty, and conclusions, nor the opinions expressed in Third Party Content.

Shivagya’s use of Third Party Content on the Website does not imply support or support of linked websites, companies, goods or services, or the source of the Third Party Content.

Shivagya has no power over Third Party Content and is not liable for any kind of interaction, including but not limited to financial transactions, that you may enter into with such Third Party Content providers, even if you hear of such providers from the Website or reach out to them via the Website.

Includes a Link to the Website

You may use a text connection or a link to the Website’s homepage to connect to it. Shivagya only agrees to connections with which the links and sites-enabled by the connection DO NOT:

  1. repeat the website content;
  2. suggest that Shivagya approves or endorses the goods and services of the website to which it is linked;
  3. generate a false perception about Shivagya and the Website; or
  4. use Shivagya trademarks in page text, metatags, or secret text.
  5. build a similar representation, “look and feel” as in the Website
  6. use the Shivagya branding, trademarks, service marks, logos, or any brand attribute of Shivagya and the Website
  7. use Shivagya or the Website, or the website material, to signify advertisement or publicity without Shivagya prior written permission.

You acknowledge that Shivagya may at its sole discretion revoke your permission to connect to the Website. In such a scenario, you agree to automatically remove all links to the Website and cease using the Shivagya trademark.

The right to privacy

To read more about Shivagya’s privacy policies, please visit the privacy policy page. Your use of the Website means that you have read, accepted, and agreed to the Privacy Policy that governs its use.


You understand and agree that the Website service is provided “as is” and “as applicable,” with no express or implied warranty or requirement of any kind. Shivagya offers no promise that the Website’s text, services, or functions will be free of inaccuracies, omissions, or typographical errors. Shivagya provides no promises that every aspect of the Website, feature, or service is free of viruses, malware, contamination, or destructive elements. All Website information, features, and facilities are subject to change at any time and without notice. You are ultimately responsible for the use of the Website and the websites to which it connects. If you are disappointed with the Website or all of its material, your only choice is to discontinue using the Website or its content.

Liability Restriction

You accept that Shivagya will not be responsible for any allegation of loss sustained by you, including without limitation extraordinary, incidental, causal, indirect, punitive, consequential, or exemplary damages of any kind, including but not limited to damages resulting from your failure to use the Website or website content or inability to use the Website or website content, including but not limited to damages resulting from your ability to use the Website or website content, including but not limited to damages resulting from your ability to use the Website or website content.

You expressly accept that Shivagya would not be liable for any damages resulting from unauthorized access to or computer viruses, hacking or loss of, or breakdown of, contact lines, or any website material or data you copy from the Website. You take full liability for the risks involved with use.

Security from liability

You consent to protect, indemnify, and keep Shivagya, its directors, predecessors, heirs in interest, staff, subsidiaries, and affiliates safe against all lawsuits, requests, liabilities, or costs (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees), or losses (actual or consequential) levied against Shivagya in connection with the use of the Website by any third party.

Infringement on These Terms and Conditions

You accept that Shivagya has the right to reveal any information it has about you at any time if it decides that such disclosure is appropriate for any prosecution or lawsuit against you relating to your use of the Website, or to keep you or someone else responsible for causing damage (intentionally or unintentionally) to Shivagyat’s rights or property, or the rights or property of Website users. Shivagya may be required to release details to comply with any relevant statute, legislation, regulatory procedure, or governmental requirement in some cases. Shivagya can reveal your information as needed by legislation, including the sharing of information with corporations, organizations, or legal entities for fraud prevention.

You understand and accept that Shivagya may save or use any contact made with Shivagya through the Website or any service available on or through the Website and that Shivagya may reveal such data if Shivagya decides that such protection or disclosure is necessary to:

  1. enforce these Terms of Use,
  2. react to arguments that such data infringes on the privacy of others,
  3. protect the privacy, property, or safety of others.

Your Website Access Has Been Terminated

You accept that Shivagya can, at its absolute discretion and without prior warning, terminate your access to the Site and/or block potential access to the Site. In this case, you must delete all copies of any data or findings accessed, consumed, or otherwise collected from the Website or in combination with the Shivagya Services during the period. You can not keep any files, view, or print-outs made from any of the data connected with the Services after the Agreement or the authorized term has expired.

Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

Shivagya runs and maintains this Website from its offices in India and cannot promise that the Website or its content is acceptable or complies with the standards or laws of the area from which you are viewing the Website.

You accept that you are solely responsible for complying with the laws of the government, republic, province, or other regulating authority in which you use the Website or its content. You clearly accept and consent that all issues and questions on your access to or use of the Website, including any conflicts, will be regulated by Indian law. In the case of a conflict or disagreement between Shivagya and you resulting from or relating to your use of the Website and its materials, the parties agree to try to settle the matter as soon as possible and in good faith.

Distinctive Provisions

Many of the rights and remedies set out under the Terms of Service are cumulative and are not exclusive of any specific rights and remedies set out by law. If a certain provision is considered to be illegal or does not apply in any case, it does not affect the continuation of the other provisions in these Terms of Use. No clause in these Terms of Service shall be construed as forming some kind of partnership or joint venture between any parties, whether as a third party or agent.


You acknowledge that any reviews you get on this website will be deemed non-confidential by Shivagya. Shivagya holds the right to use some input or material in perpetuity.

Please Contact Us

If you have any concerns about Shivagya or the Website Terms of Service, please contact us at info@shivagya.com.

Thank you for taking the time to read these Terms of Service.

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