Privacy Policy

Shivagya Infosoft honors your confidentiality. We take the duty to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal details that we receive when you visit the websites of Shivagya Infosoft ( To explain how and why we gather, use, handle, divulge, move and archive your personal information, we have established this privacy policy.

Shivagya Infosoft Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy contains important information about your relationship with Shivagya Infosoft, or Shivagya “we” or “us” hereinafter. You embrace the activities mentioned in this Policy by the use of (hereinafter “Website”). Please do NOT use the Site or any feature or service offered by the Site if you do not comply with this Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Improvements

Shivagya offers IT facilities that are sometimes subject to adjustment. The move affects how the data are gathered and what is used in the Privacy Policy. At its own discretion, Shivagya retains the right to amend the privacy clauses. Any update to the policy shall be effective immediately following updates reported on the web, as set out in the “Effective Date.”

However, if there are any major revisions to the policy we can inform you by submitting updates to an e-mail identifier you used to subscribe to or connect with us, you are solely liable for updating the privacy policy regularly.

The details that we collect

This segment explains the knowledge we gather and handle from you to improve your comprehension and our own marketing. In three parts we classify all the data we collect:

  • Personally identifying details you send to us freely, such as name, email address, corporate name, designation, mobile number, telephone number, and postal address. Personal information also contains information that is accessible on the Internet about you, such as social media or other information we can obtain from third parties that are publicly available.
  • Navigational data referring to information about your internet connection, the computer used to access our website, and the specifics of your use, such as IP address, browser version, reference source, geographical area, duration of time spent on the website, and page views. An IP address is mainly monitored to detect malicious activity and any threatening sites or links on the blacklist.
  • Financial and payment records including credit card numbers and order billing data on every website or network. WE TAKE NOT TAKE NOT INFORMATION SENSITIVE, e.g., credit or debit card numbers, personal account information, social security number, passport information, identity by race or ethnicity, information about the physical or mental health status, or some other related information.

The website does not provide statistics or information about Children under 12 years of age. But since we also collect information through logs, our system collects information on the hardware and software automatically when you visit the website. Under that light, please contact us at so that we can take necessary actions to erase the details if you feel that we have gathered information about children under 12.

How are we gathering the information?

When you surf the Website or willingly send your information or all other contacts to Shivagya or the platform, we gather information. The information gathered on or from the Web site can contain:

  • Specifics when you book for an appointment, fill in the forms on the website, or report a concern.
  • Information is given to you in reaction to our website contact, openings for work on the site, or via other channels.
  • Any website page you visit, including search requests about our website, pictures you saw, or content from the website you access or copy.
  • You post information with us on freely open websites like blogs, social media pages like Facebook or Twitter, and discussion forums.

Links to third parties can be contained on our website. We do not know if these sites use the data they gather or how they enforce privacy and control practices, but we advise you to be careful when using every third-party website. We may not support the content or privacy policies written on these pages or their owners. No other Websites related to the Website are covered by this Privacy Policy.

We typically only gather the information if the care is in our legal interests, if we support it, or whether we need the information for contracting with you. We do not gather data by any means that override your interest in data security or interfere with your liberties and fundamental rights.

Certain cookies and technologies

“Cookies” and other technology such as Pixel tags (transparent visual icons that signify that a website or email is displayed), mobile device identifiers, and network beacons can be found on the website and on other sites used to connect with you. These technologies allow us to analyze patterns, manage the platform, remember your interests and gather information to enhance the user experience.

More information on cookies can be found here:

Since addresses and similar identifiers in Internet Protocol (IP) are protected by relevant law under the personal information, often mixed with non-personal information, in this Privacy Policy we treat this data as personal information, and so comply with similar obligations as regards personal information.

Technology for Third Party Tracking

No cookies or network beacons are used by every monitoring utility provider under the Privacy policies or Cookies policy. See our cookies policy for more detail about when and how cookies are used.

How can we use your personal information?

We gather your information so that we can learn what you want from your website, and advertise our services for you. The privacy policy is in line with our data collection policies. You are bound to comply with this Privacy Policy by way of our arrangement when you subscribe to our subscription services. We can use your personal data to:

  • For the related material of the website.
  • Customize your website experience.
  • To supply the information by electronic means that could concern you.
  • To tell us what you are asking for.
  • Promoting you for our providers.
  • To help you and our programs use this Web site.
  • To construct statistical evidence to classify particular users, but not to use it.
  • For mandatory reasons such as informing you about updates to the website and the terms and conditions of use.
  • To meet the legal specifications.
  • Uphold our interests, including billing and collection as a result of the deal between you and us.

We do NOT sell, exchange or rent your information for profit to any third party; we shall neither reveal you information except where it is reasonable or essential for our interests, land, our customers and others to be protected.

  • Our associates or affiliates,
  • to contractors supporting our Platform and facilities who, to secure the information from unwanted entry, use, or dissemination, are bound by contractual commitments concerning data security.
  • To entities with your consent.

Your Controls and Rights

As a visitor to the website, as accessible and subject to the relevant legislation, you have some privileges and controls. You hold the following rights and controls:

  • Access rights: you have the right to access a copy of the personal information we received from you and more information about how we use it.
  • Right to rectify: If your personal information is not accurate, you have the right to modify or modify the inaccurate information. To modify your personal details, please write to us at
  • Right to restrict: Under certain conditions, you have the right to limit the collection of sensitive information for a certain amount of time.
  • Right to object: You may object, at any time:
    • processing your personal data under certain circumstances.
    • Your identifying information will be used for commercial and publicity purposes.
  • Portability rights: you are entitled to request the personal data we receive in a readable, standardized format from your computer.
  • Not to be an automatic decision-making subject: You have the right not to make decisions based on automated processing, whether a decision has some legal impact or an equally significant effect.
  • Right to be forgotten: You have the right to remove from our database your personal information. To make an erasure happen, you can contact us at Since we receive a request to be overlooked, the personal details available to us will be completely removed within 30 days of receipt of the request.

These privileges can be exercised at any time. Please email us at for us to learn more and to help you conveniently exercise these rights.

Information transfers across borders

We may transmit your records, including our subsidiaries and associates, to third parties across borders which may or may not have analogous data security and privacy legislation as in the country you reside in. To ensure confidentiality of information flow we enforce lawfully acceptable procedures and use efficient guarantees or other legal frameworks.

Data Archiving and Storage

We will store your records, including personal information, through your use of the Website. We store such information on servers managed either by us or third parties that comply with this Privacy Policy. If and when all the backup files relating to your personal records are removed, archived information is not actually deleted. However, we will safely attempt to erase or anonymize your information if we do not need your Personal Information until the secure deletion of the information is feasible.

Legal basis for personal data processing

Our legal rationale for the collection and use of your personal data only where it is in our legitimate interests and does not circumvent the data security or fundamental rights, liberties, permission, and details we need to carry out a personal arrangement with you. You have the right to use your personal data. We are obligated to give you confidential information about your use in the appropriate period.

Data and identity protection

However, you must recognize that the Internet is vulnerable to privacy violations, and we thus provide no assurances about the safety of your records. We have taken appropriate protective actions to keep your data safe. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the legal use and security of your personal information by all third parties on which we have contracts. The transferring of personal data through the Internet is your own danger.

Anti-Spam Policy

In breach of relevant laws, we do not send unwanted commercial emails and we use an “opt-out” feature, to encourage people to avoid getting our email services at some point. You are solely liable to unsubscribe from our correspondence by clicking on the page “unsubscribe” link or by contacting us at

Infringements and additional policies

Both our clients and contributors to our website must at all times continue to comply with all terms of our privacy policy. Shivagya retains the right to restrict access to the Web site or to demand legal redress and equality for breaches to this Agreement in the case of violations of this Privacy Policy or non-compliance with the Privacy Policy.

Please email us.

Thank you for reading our Data Protection Policy. Please contact us at for any questions about our privacy policy.

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