Refund Policy

Shivagya Infosoft is a corporation, and we expect our clients to understand and obey our refund policy. As a Software Development, Website Development, and Digital Marketing firm, our mission is to have the most profit per dollar invested by our customers, and in order to do so, we need to pay costs and fuel our activities. As a result, we require timely reimbursement for the services we provide to our customers.

We recognize that “life happens” and that you can require a refund of fees paid to Shivagya Infosoft for services rendered. We aim to be fair and to create policies that favor both parties. We will collaborate with you to ensure that you are comfortable with our work. If a refund is requested and granted, Shivagya Infosoft’s property, including graphics, content, and code, will remain Shivagya Infosoft’s property.

For all contracts, requests for the final portion of the payment owed are not submitted until the project has received final approval from the customer. If the invoice is processed, the final bill is due within 5 business days.

You understand that you’ve read, understood, and consent to the provisions of this agreement by the use of our services.

Guidelines for General Refund Policy

All the Software Development, Website Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Graphics Design, Corporate Video Production, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting Services, Website Maintenance was carried out and accepted after a thorough analysis and the creation of a comprehensive scope document, to ensure that our teams have a thorough understanding of the work that needs to be done, thus eliminating the possibility of any errors.

The selling of all domain names shall be final after the conversion of a domain name to the account of the customer. Domain name sales require complete payment before the domain name is moved.

Since Shivagya Infosoft and the customer realize that there is effort involved in achieving every milestone of the project and completing every module, a refund for the work once delegated to us is not feasible.

Client fees for custom design assignments / above facilities are provided in installments and are non-refundable. If a project is canceled or delayed, Shivagya Infosoft maintains all costs charged and, if necessary, a fee on all work done above what was already paid for is payable by the customer.

We shall automatically suspend the services and/or projects if we consider a payback or payment issue (i.e. PayPal conflict) from a credit card issuer or bank. The $50 refund fee (issued to retrieve payments received from a crediting company) and any balance accrued as a result of the chargeback(s) shall be paid in their entirety before the service is restored or further testing is performed. Contact us to fix any billing issues instead of issuing a chargeback. To request reimbursement or disagreement over a PayPal fee valid from us is deception and is neither an effective nor a legal means of requesting reimbursement. Before making an order, please read and fully understand our return policies.

We are excited to cooperate with you, and after we receive approval from you, we promptly take action and submit your work in progress. As a consequence, if you reverse your steps after confirmation, the fee you have already spent is non-refundable. We communicate with our clients and do our best to answer all of their questions and begin work after their approval; therefore, there is no provision for a refund. We explicitly stated that the charged balance is non-refundable in all circumstances.

Refunds are processed as follows:

If you pay with a credit card, the funds will be credited directly to your credit card account within 30 business days of acceptance. You will be refunded in the form of a cheque whether you pay a cheque, DD, or a money order.

Please email all return/refund requests to, along with your explanation for doing so. After it has been decided if a return/refund is needed, you will obtain a response. When it is found that your product is faulty, you must forfeit possession of your license in order to obtain a refund.

Before making a purchase, please read and thoroughly appreciate our refund and termination policies. Please contact us if you have any more concerns about our policies.

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