Doctors to You Mobile Application


A convenient alternative is now possible for all patients, particularly elderly or handicapped people who cannot go to their doctor for routine tests, nor can doctors afford to leave the clinic because of a close schedule. The referral app is just a quick tap to arrange appointments for physicians and patients. This portal provides patients with access to additional treatment and strengthens traditional automated consulting formulae.

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The customer is a medical consulting group of creative healthcare technologies that appeal to many companies. Our customers choose to build a smartphone application to help physicians consult their patients as they go with the same creative thinking. They wanted to create an App to allow patients to check their reservations over the internet and consultants or doctors to handle their appointment without having to wait at home.

The application’s job was to replace the old operating pattern with cutting-edge technology. The customer had the challenge to create an in-house multi-user interface with the following functionality. They could not deliver the requisite characteristics like:

  • Enable their patients to arrive at appointments on time and in comfort.
  • Track your doctors, take more details and contact your doctors.
  • Doctors will log your appointment, arrange your appointment for subsequent usage, build your shifts and submit the final reports.

Tools & Technologies


  • .NET
  • Java


  • iOS
  • Android


  • SQL Server

Programming Language

  • Swift
  • RxSwift


  • RxKotlin

Development Tool

  • Xcode
  • Android Studio




The analyst team of Shivagya Infosoft has studied market needs in-depth and outlined a plan to include basic functionality and demands. After we got a proposal, we finished and divided the project into smaller goals and the rest of the building was smooth.

The team of excellent Java developers from Shivagya Infosoft has developed this software, which allows patients to book appointments, add they’re symptomatic and problem-formatting, make quick payments, and monitor their doctor. Doctors will build transitions, make house calls, and track their appointments. The administrator can verify, forward, cancel or accept shifts.

Eminent application characteristics:

  • Patients are ready to make an appointment.
  • All users are entitled to view the files, talk to doctors, deposit numbers, and make new home calls requests.
  • Users should monitor and monitor their doctors.
  • When the doctor starts Housecall, patients will watch their doctor.
  • For trouble-free payments, users can add credit card information.
  • Online payment patients can add some information about the credit card.
  • Patients still have the right to speak to a doctor.
  • With our best service, providers can monitor and handle all requests.
  • Doctors in various states can view all requests like Fresh, Working, Pending, Reserved, Finding.
  • The doctor will track timetables and make new improvements.
  • Users will view their timelines and see accepted and pending shifts.
  • Shifts can be approved by the admin can change.
  • Administrators are permitted to see and pass all doctors’ shifts and may even view all activities.

User Access and rights

Patient’s Application

  • Accessible for making an account and adding a doctor’s order.
  • Can introduce family/friend requests, conserves, and business partner requests.
  • Halo membership completely supports the App (monthly care subscriptions).
  • May access past and status of requests.
  • For any questions, patients should converse with doctors and admin.
  • Patients may access records of importance such as approval, financial arrangement, medical record, insurance claims, etc.

Doctor’s Application

  • A list of questions can be viewed by the doctor. Apps reveal wise requests for status.
  • Doctors can approve and start providing treatment for patients.
  • View metadata and location data of the requestor.
  • Doctors can perform acts based on their order status.
  • Doctors can talk with patients and administrators can apply their availability schedule to the system.
  • Applications are dependent on the availability of the practitioner.
  • Administrators can also access applications and track requests.
  • See the current/last app provider position.
  • View Filter choices case history See the availability of doctors and the admin can handle roles.
  • The admin can approve/deny the time order.

Highlighted Features



This software will provide physicians and patients with several special advantages. The consumer has gained many advantages by using our mobile app production facilities, such as:

  • App gives the customer a simple way to watch doctors.
  • The customer can accept changes and see reports and records of the patients.
  • App allows easy handling of case applications and the development of the patient.
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