Event Management APP


The customer is a worldwide leader in event organizing and facilities. To create an application exclusively for market-driven audiences and to handle daily activities, the customer approached Shivagya Infosoft. The customer’s agenda consisted of developing an application to organize all customer sessions.

The overwhelming number of meeting requests and the uncertainty of which meetings leave participants to need to be tackled to accelerate the industry dynamics and to streamline. The consumer desired to create a product with a mobile meeting management framework based on a given audience and their jobs.


Our customers had a good forecast of their products and agreed to create a stable and scalable app using the leading iOS app development services from Shivagya Infosoft. This software enables admin users to introduce or delete participants, share the meeting agenda and various user privileges. The program can also encourage users to vote, speak or view Conflicts by users and comments, allow users to vote, add comments, dispute, and talk, and download meeting documentation.

Our Approach

We have become one of the best IT companies to meet customer business needs with the know-how of technology, especially in the production of mobile applications. Our approach was to be futuristic, responsive, and strategically advanced for consumers to make the most of it.

Tools & Technologies


  • iOS
  • Sharepoint


  • SQLite

Programming Language

  • Objective C


  • iAnnotate Library

Development Tool

  • AzureAD
  • Xcode 11.3


The agenda management system handles meeting demands, supported parties, timetables, agendas, minutes, and associated acts from uncertainty to resolution.

Meetings and Announcements

On the first go, users will screen their meetings, meetings seen and meetings unnoticed in a different color. It is easy to import information, search the download list to see updates if any.

Polls and Votes

When the administrator polls, people who are registered to vote will be seen and they will be allowed to present their votes. The outcome will be seen after all participants cast their votes. If the condition is a tie break, the participant who is the tiebreaker will be forced to cast a vote.

Conflicts and Solutions

If users have any conflicts about the agenda, they should present their disagreement with purpose and text. If a user submits a dispute, either he or she cannot vote until the administrator has settled the dispute. Users may also see the list of users who have disputed their data.

Requests and Approvals

Users may apply a “Speaking Request” request. They have the freedom to voice their view because the admin agrees. The proposal is sent to the administrator and both speakers are allowed to think one on one like the administrator would.

Download Facilities

The attachments can be downloaded and accessed by users. The annotation can also be added to the document as highlight text, add annotations, emphasize the text, etc., and saved for potential use.

Key features were:

  • List of meetings and information
  • Voting live
  • Expression request
  • State disputes
  • Download papers for the meeting
  • Group and Comment Annotation
  • Search


Shivagya Infosoft has developed this technology to streamline consumer meetings with a host of users worldwide. By using the mobile app development service from Shivagya Infosoft to build a personalized solution the customer has in several ways enjoyed the benefits:

  • In minutes rather than hours, the professional agenda is communicated.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Improvement of meeting performance.
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