School Management System


Our clients are leaders in the American education industry who are thinking of creating innovative technological solutions for the advancement of educational institutions. Existing companies operate on paper for registration, registration, management, and monitoring. This routine procedure is difficult and time-consuming and the company pays a lot of attention to human resource costs. To solve this paper-based process, customers need flexible solutions with better technology to support education and management. The education system, universities, and schools.


Tools & Technology

  • .NET
  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Sync Service
  • Entity Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • Crystal Report
  • QuickBooks
  • Mailgun SMSEnvoi


Shivagya Infosoft understands the customer’s concern for resolving it digitally. Our technologists have created an efficient education system designed and developed to streamline, automate, and streamline the education management system. Our traditional NET approach simplifies many areas. Manage schools by providing a complete platform for parents, students, teachers and sponsors. This type of school management software contains everything a staff will need.

  • Admission Management:

Allows users to customize and schedule logging activity with online tracking and offline connection in real time.

  • Student as well as Staff Management:

This feature simplifies access to student and staff databases through this system. Get statistics of all users at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

  • Academic Calendar as well as Timetable Management:

One-click planning and scheduling of the academic calendar and scheduling for each class based on teacher availability.

  • Attendance Management:

The system offers quicker attendance storage and management with superior features like absent student email-notification to parents, leave applications uploading and more.

  • Fees Tracking as well as Payment Management:

Allows ERP allowed databases for school fees as per grades, full tailored collection restrictions as per the requirements. Mode for the Online Payment mode accessibility to keep tacking of all payments in the Realtime.

  • Exam Scheduler:

Help modernize all student exam and assessment systems and schedule live questions with the exam scheduler.

  • Progress Report Card as well as Grade Management:

Permits teachers, students and their parents to monitor current grades as well as the outcomes of tests and examinations. One-click print-ready final & term report cards and Auto uploaded of signed reports to the student & parent portal.

  • Event Management:

Inform school holidays, create school events and easily allot the information on countless channels.

  • Library Management:

Grouping, numbering, tracking books, and updating books by recording them will quickly translate into original textbook problems, and the retrieval process will make your library system more efficient.

  • Communication Managements:

Prompt data availability & communication across web applications, mobile devices of parents, students & staff. Authorize timely communication of significant updates with a matching set of SMS, emails and in-application announcements.


Partnership with Shivagya Infosoft was a turning point for the patron’s businesses because this change to the digitization of the School management system presented them a naive experience. This School Management Systems improved the performance of teachers and students by helping them perform their tedious tasks most professionally while providing real-time statistics to school management. The patron gained huge monetary benefits as well as from this kind of solutions which assisted them and many other institutes to standardize their administration process as well.

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