Media Distribution Platform


Our client in Pittsburgh – USA, with a particular emphasis on developing and delivering value-oriented solutions to film brotherhood, is a leading, self-reliant film distribution firm. The customer wanted to create an app that enables filmmakers to distribute their movies online without problems. The customer was also concerned with the sale and rental of the film to its clients. The services support many sites such as Netflix, Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, and several others.

Customer requirements have turned to technologies that have helped content owners quickly and efficiently market their media assets. As listed below, the challenges in developing the solution are:

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Management of all dynamic titles and other data criteria relevant to films in different formats and territories.
  • The price and chosen metadata for various dealers, regions, and titles within a single click are to preserve and control the diverse details for seasonal availability.
  • To work with Facebook and to create a marketing drive, iTunes, Microsoft, and the Google Play Store are all part of a network.
  • Maintaining price updates, availability, and various studio territories.
  • It is difficult to incorporate multiple filters and sorting.
  • To make updates on several platforms with one excellent template.
  • To control features such as pricing, ranking, accessibility, and more.


Tools & Technology

  • MVC
  • AngularJS
  • Bamboo
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ElasticSearch
  • AWS RDS Services
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Messaging Service
  • AWS Cloud Watch
  • AWS Code Deploy
  • PING
  • Facebook APIs


Shivagya Infosoft has researched the market challenges of the client in-depth and agreed to build a media & entertainment consumer web platform for productive process streamlining. It has been developed with the latest technologies and frameworks such as .NET, Angular, Bamboo CI, AWS, etc. This app will monitor the specifics of the film distribution of the filmmaker through various channels and regions. It enables its names, properties, resources, websites, and orders to be maintained. All big channels, iTunes, Netflix, Google Play Store among others, are supported.

The Storefront Manager platform is comprised of three modules that will help content owners to more effectively and comprehensively scan, upgrade and sell their media assets than ever before. Four of the key modules that are illustrated are:


It helps the user to scan the content of all monitored retailers from the repositories. Users produce notifications on their content using the Search module, which is viewed on a dashboard and can be exported or submitted to other active modules.

Value Ad

It provides a real-time, real-world searchable, and filterable feature in your usable library. It lets users recognize customized big or particular content categories quickly.


In only a few taps, users can update the selection, prices, and chosen metadata of the film and TV season for many stores, territories, and headlines. The stores get all alerts directly.


This framework makes it easy for users to build Facebook ad campaigns in iTunes, Google Play, or Microsoft for every movie or TV season. For any title/interest/Territoire/language combination that occurs or for the one that users suggest, localized campaigns are programmatically generated. Both promotions are dynamically related to their available titles and can delay or upgrade themselves automatically.


By comparing the metadata fields, users can upload the data through sheet upload and the système produces exceptions depending on customer and retailer side data (like rating, price value, price window, etc..). Users will resolve these exceptions by updating the provider’s metadata to the dealer. Users do not need to correct individual exceptions by using automated fix functionality to allow them to repair titles in bulk.

Additional Pages

  • Sales Admin Pages: A website on which the sales staff will choose a supplier, select the form of material for the supplier, choose payment times, browse, etc.
  • Billing Pages: Often, whether they are awaiting or paid, it is shown. Besides, it indicates the next value of the invoice and the due date of payment.


Shivagya Infosoft created a web platform to browse, monitor, and sell their content on the market through content owners. The customized software system from Shivagya Infosoft offered huge benefits in terms of earnings, productivity, and management. Through using our approach, the customer has achieved several profitable results. Any of them are:

  • Simpler platform control for a single back-end
  • Add several customers with one press
  • Updates can be faster and more calculative depending on the sample library.
  • Provides a blueprint for adding new publications
  • Enables new retail price consumers as well as multi-tier prices.
  • Efficient improvement in the company of the consumer and hence higher sales.
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