Restorant Management System (POS)


The Customer is a Queenstown, an operating hotel, restaurant, banquet, and other related services provider located in Africa. Their corporation has participated in many systems and resources. To control and streamline the overall business operations, they wanted a completely unified structure. The customer then agreed to develop an integrated business solution to handle hotels and restaurants. Shivagya Infosoft was approached by the customer to create a strong framework that would refine its operational features to become a high-performance solution.

The client wanted to build and automate all the operations in hotels, including kitchens, bars, and shops, including a variety of features, such as room checks, reservations, and bookings. Minibars, laundry, and banquets can also be managed in this application. The consumer decided to create a single platform program that purchased many components. For the customer and us, it was a struggle to assimilate these units, such as POS, Floor and Room Management, Inventory, Catering, Purchasing, and Sales to meet the needs.

What are the customer’s obstacles?

  • Check-in, check-out, and guest rooms & banquets management challenges
  • Cannot create multi-currency room tariffs in a seasonal way
  • Laundry, minibar, activities & extra charges are difficult to log.
  • Management of restaurant order
  • Management of catering facilities for multiple occasions
  • Control of Housekeeping


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft .Net
  • C#
  • Android
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IIS
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Reporting tools (RDLC)


Our technical team of experts has researched and analyzed the customer’s company in detail and determined the right technology that suits the customer’s application. Our team suggested using.NET to create secure, portable, and high-performance applications. As a technological platform. The approach should include purchase, inventory, and customer satisfaction to handle restaurant management. We have developed the management system for the hotel and restaurant with the following functions:

  • Floorwise space security dashboard hotel
  • Room and banquet check-in, check-out, and reservation process Activity
  • Charges, washing, mini bar & additional room charges.
  • Currency many Rules of Procedure and Exchange
  • Season wise Tariffs on rooms
  • Management of personnel information based on categories such as cook, waitress, cashier, accountant…
  • Paying options in different currencies such as cash, checks, credit cards, etc.
  • Management of catering facilities for multiple occasions
  • In-store/kitchen/bar inventory control
  • Gift coupon and happy time programs to consumers with discounts on multiple products customers
  • Generation of various buying and selling transactions such as GRN, buying order, dealer bill, sales order, etc.
  • Ease of adding tablet restaurant orders.
  • Generation of Report & Invoice

Touch Screen Sales Counter which includes:

  • Assignment and Booking Table
  • Management like KOT order, Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT),  served or rejected, etc.
  • Service takes off/parcel
  • Manages multiple shifts
  • X-Report & Z-Report Generation.


The partnership between Shivagya Infosoft and their customer helped to make a profit in the short term. We also helped the client combine restaurant operations, ordering, retail, customer loyalty, points of sale, catering, buying, and revenue management. Our digital solution has included many features which have greatly enhanced response time and productivity.

The customer no more has to rotate among many channels to handle various processes and can save time in the management of other key tasks. By using the leading custom product development services of Shivagya Infosoft, the customer acquired various advantages, such as:

  • Enhance accountability for general activities by using a dashboard View for space control on the floor.
  • Touch screen monitoring of the sales counters for restaurant order management.
  • Easy to order from customers with a tablet that records an online order.

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