Records Management System


Our purchaser served a couple of software program solutions to various public sectors in Albany. According to the request of the general public zone officials, they desired to build a powerful and comprehensive document control device that organizes, stores and transmits relaxed regulation enforcement and public protection facts. This device can be compatible with multiple systems and can function as a standalone system or as a mobile messaging system user. This software program should use performance management to streamline the reporting process. There is research required, written consent.

Besides, the client also wanted some unique features such as

  • Citations, MMUCC crash reviews, and statutory site visitors forestall “racial profiling” reports are automatically submitted to the nation without a user intervention required.
  • DMV records can be used to verify someone’s identification or can be added to the master name index if now not on the document yet.
  • Demographic records to be entered just as soon as within the initial forms.
  • Improvement of extra modules on the software program such as booking management, prison mobile control, area interview reporting, picture line-up module, and so on.
  • AISS (AlbanyInformation Sharing System) ought to be fully included for automated and automated early arrest reporting to the courts with no manual intervention.
  • Month-to-month generate NIBRS (or UCR in the short term) report
  • Assets logging and tracking


Tools & Technology

  • Windows Server
  • IIS
  • .NET
  • C#
  • MVC
  • WCF
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio


As a consistent and dependable technology partner, Shivagya Infosoft assisted our client in developing a powerful and comprehensive web-based records management system with the following features using C#, NET, and MVC.

  • Completely NIBRS and UCR compliant
  • Master indices for people, automobiles, locations, belongings, and organizations
  • Complete and intuitive workflow management prevents ignored or lost reviews
  • Incident reporting, included with CAD and NCIC/COLLECT records for quicker records entry
  • Case Management
  • Crash reporting (automated submission to dot)
  • eCitation (integrated with automatic submission to CT Infractions Bureau)
  • Arrest & Booking (with immediate and automatic CISS submission)
  • Assets & Evidence Management
  • Inner or other corporation warrants
  • Area interviews
  • Use of pressure reporting
  • Photo Lineup Module
  • Training Module – keep track of your officer training
  • Complete queries and control reviews
  • Collect/DMV verification of people and automobiles
  • Narrative Templates Capability
  • Records sharing with different participating towns
  • Integration with CISS, CAPTAIN, CAD systems
  • Available inside the station and on cellular device terminals


By using Shivagya Infosoft’s excellent devoted production team for their specific market needs, the customer earned profitable sales and various other benefits after installing the app. Our solution benefited all Albany state officials at the regional level.

  • Detailed reviews have been now accessible and assisted officials with the right statistics at the right time.
  • Systematic reporting waft helped the purchaser to streamline their reporting approaches and control every and every record systematically.
  • Improves productivity, accuracy, and timeliness.
  • Fastrack selection-making and efficiency inside the organization.
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