Mining Equipment System


With its foreign footprint in numerous continents, the purchaser is a South African mining company. Their region of South Africa focuses primarily on silver, iron ore, and thermal coal through its numerous websites. Your specialized portfolio covers high-quality metals & non-metals, base, and bulk goods. Commitment to security, organizational excellence, and sustainable development support became the customer organization’s top objective, aiming to be the largest mining organization in the sector.

Shivagya Infosoft was approached by the patron in order to expand the use of an Internet interface for defining mining system status. They needed to extend an “Appliance control program” to help them manipulate appliances in a safe kingdom.

The purchaser needed a response that evaluated and understood mining information extracted from a distinctive method, tracked the working conditions in sections of an instrument, and reduced the failings, according to the necessities of the purchaser. Only ERP systems, which have been incredibly time-consuming and needed some statistical security, have transformed the prestige of maintenance and inspection.

Any of the customer’s main problems during application creation are:

  • Data collection from different device sensors from various manufacturing companies using various third-party providers Controllers Leica live and IMD, CAT VIMS and KOMTRAX
  • The addition of raw data from mining machines was very complicated and bulky
  • Calculation of equipment failures from average patterns for each model and complex inclusion of trends
  • Automating the device loop after a fixed time period from one operation to another
  • Displays the route and location of the vehicle on the map using sensor data and road conditions


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft ASP.Net
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Proficy Historian
  • .Net Charting
  • Highcharts


During the development process analyses and explorations were good and the company of the client could now produce huge advantages through its relationship with Shivagya Infosoft. Our .NET (C#) was a very helpful solution that tracked the health of various mining machinery.

  • The online monitoring system for equipment in mines like Haul Trucks, Dozers, Excavators, Shovels, etc has been created. The website demonstrates the fleet’s general state and helps you to monitor equipment status, including the status of various components such as the engine, breaks, and so on.
  • Map module displaying my road conditions with data collected from sensors mounted on trucks and other moving vehicles.
  • A maintenance module has been built such that data from IMD devices are retrieved and predictive processing is used to simplify maintenance.
  • The AI module provides data history-driven predictions of defects in various parts of the equipment and recommends suggested steps to repair the failures to minimize downtimes, maintain high availability, and improve performance.
  • Developed an application based on Window CE that is mounted on embedded computers and collects CAT VIMS data type and sends it via GPRS with a failed data loss control system.
  • Improved systems control equipment, including display process updates, raw data measurements for display, database changes, failure measurement, and recommended error resolution measures, etc.

System Features:

  • Indicate the initial state obtained for several sensors using dynamic logic, for example, the motor, hydraulics, splits, and displaying the regular status of each component.
  • Show the live health condition of the appliances with various manufacturers and models in the flotilla on a big screen.
  • Map module for displaying mining road conditions, for planning and preventing downtime on machines.
  • Calendar view showing a predictive timeline for the repair plan and machine condition and maintenance manager.
  • Analyze habits and faults on weekly computers.
  • Action to monitor and correct the defects recommended.
  • Report and graph generations (system type, equipment quantity, device operations, faults, upkeep, and inspection).
  • User rights and privileges of entry, user configuration, Easy to configure the Interface by customizing the font, context, color, and view.
  • Enhanced graphs from third parties have functions such as zoom options and options to adjust the minimum and maximum y-axis, display precise details and compare it with various models of vehicles, time window shift option, Export graphs to Excel and PDP, etc.
  • Enormous volumes of process information, using efficient and commercially accessible historical methods, are captured, stored, recovered, and transmitted at higher rates, to offer data compression and protection in a way that does not only increase operational efficiency.


The customer has performed his activities to be hassle-free and cordial by integrating the “Equipment Monitoring System” in everyday operations. Our customized tech system was a sure solution to all problems of customers, such as additional benefits:

  • Difficult and near-impossible manually, measurements for equipment have now been streamlined, error-free and effective.
  • Graphical representations (calculated from raw data) give rise to better decisions in the course of better analysis.
  • The automated maintenance schedule resulted in a decrease in operating costs, increased reliability in machinery, and thus an improvement in capacity performance.
  • Early warning of unsafe roads helped prevent crashes and improved production.
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