Loan Management System


An industry leader in providing technology-led financial software applications is our US-based Pennsylvania customer. The customer intended to become a global pioneer in fintech and thus innovated its offerings using state-of-the-art technology. The same philosophy has driven the consumer to create a Loan Management Platform that can provide multifunctional tools and provide the best solution to help consumers proactively digitalize and avoid cash advances in Illinois and concentrate solely on extending their installment loan plan.

For targeted consumers to conveniently apply electronically to loans with the automated authentication of applicant data from various online third-party tools, the consumer requested a powerful online loan management system to inspect and examine their app without any manual hassles. The customer wanted the management of pre-and-post loan applications to be highly safe and feature-rich.

The main concerns of the customer with the framework had to be taken into account during testing and exploration

  • Our built application should allow the consumer to request a loan online.
  • The checking of documents for identity evidence, proof of revenue, banking proof, etc can be conducted online.
  • Validation of bank account through integration with third parties
  • Customer’s online facilities to sign agreements and payments papers
  • Safe and safe way to manage customer purchases and accounts Online funds deposited into the online payment option of the consumer on the EMI planned
  • Customer Reference Framework
  • Move funds automatic operation, customer process payments, email/text sent to consumers, etc.
  • The framework built should be cross-platform and cross-browser installs


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft ASP.Net
  • C#
  • Angular
  • MVC
  • JSON
  • XSLT
  • Microsoft SQL Server Azure
  • Windows Server


Shivagya Infosoft has demonstrated experience and skills in building a multi-tenant network for our US customers with its technological capability. To help consumers to control loan applications online with the provided solution, our expert team used new technology like.NET and Angular.

Apply Online

  • Customers may request a loan online. Step-by-step instructions in all fields needed. Identity evidence, income evidence, banking evidence, etc. identification documents.
  • Customer internet services for signing contract and payment documentation
  • Payment by the Consumer Bank electronically on the planned EMI.

Back Office Support

  • User data automatically validated from various third-party web resources.
  • Move fund automatic operation.
  • Online payment mechanism for companies, e-mail/text to consumers, etc.

Additional Features

  • Customers can also apply for additional funds from tenants after their loan has been granted.
  • Customers which make payments based on the schedule agreed at the time of approval of the request.
  • Customers may refer a friend to a reference code or a specific connection.


With an effective relationship with an industry-leading web development firm, such as Shivagya Infosoft, the client’s business has seen a surge in its operations and has been able to provide many advantages, such as

  • Simple, quick, and cost-effective productivity improvement
  • Enhanced protocols for easy management of various phases of the loan cycle
  • Lower overhead rates and speedy operations.
  • Automate the loan application process through several platforms and make rational and prompt decisions on the issuance or disapproval of the loan at the initial stage.
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