Law Enforcement Application


Our Harrisburg-based purchaser is a distinguished and necessary public safety company efficiently dealing with and maintaining a couple of nation counties, localities. In an effort to keep regulation and order in the counties, they needed to build a software program that abided through an extensive range of regulation enforcement acts. Many business owners, including state, federal, and neighborhood organizations, use this strategy to promise order in their states and territories.

We recommend extending the entire application process to meet the needs of consumers. Place it in the area. This utility is supposed to encompass attributes inclusive of discipline schooling, use of force, worker training records management, field investigation reporting, profiling, immigration research, inner affairs investigations, vehicle pursuits, employee proceedings, worker visitors crash reporting key, and lots of more.

Some of the Key Challenges of the project were:

  • A couple of corporations of different states required a centralized application portal for logging and accessing various software(s)
  • Information protection became an alarming subject
  • Need for custom-designed authentication engines (organization wise) to guide diverse sorts of authentications along with Form, LDAP, Azure AD & ADFS
  • Incapability to create dynamic bureaucracy for businesses- nation sensible
  • Absence of an early caution machine or statistical reporting device


Tools & Technology
  • Windows
  • .NET
  • .Net Core and knockout js with Kendo UI Control
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Telerik reports
  • Microsoft Visual Studio


To meet the commercial enterprise-specific demands of the customer, we advanced a commonplace net software portal for the customer to manage diverse regulation enforcement software (s). We created a one-forestall strategy to control all forms of inner documentation strategies through the use of .Net and javascript. We additionally developed one login and one consumer profile to get admission to multiple software program applications. Our portal contains unique functions which include

Field Training Software

  • Review on-the-process overall performance throughout subject training and probationary periods.
  • Reveal the overall health of your FTO software.
  • Perceive the education required to enhance trainee performance.
  • Shield your organization by using tracking the capacity biases primarily based on race, gender, and/or age.

Managing Member Of Staff Training Records

  • Create classes, certificates, and schooling plans
  • Tune sign-in sheets and course syllabus
  • Create worker critiques
  • Report firearms qualifications
  • Assign and screen the viewing of education films, coverage reviews, and circulate training materials
  • Sends computerized reminders as and whilst training and certifications are because of expiring

Force Accountability Transparency through Software

  • Reveal ratings of statistics factor to identify liability issues and modify education coverage hence
  • Construct accept as true with thru transparency with the community you serve
  • Monitor usage of force incident movements relating to your employees
  • Attach frame digicam, other motion pictures, and files associated with an incident
  • Integrate along with your current packages such as CAD, PowerDMS, etc.

Internal Affairs

  • Potential to have supervisors assign investigations
  • Setting-up timelines with email reminders
  • Customizable statistical file
  • Incorporated document library for your corporation reports

Profiling Accountability Software’s Solution

  • Record citizen encounters to protect your company and community from claims of profiling bias
  • Patented community composition evaluation tool documents the demographics of the regions your officer’s patrol, to interpret gathered information efficiently
  • Share enforcement facts with the community to document transparency

Vehicle Search Reporting Software

  • Become aware of pursuit tendencies within your organization
  • Perform statistical evaluation to help decide if pastimes had been within your organization policy
  • Tune suspect fees and violations
  • Track ratings of information points, consisting of the reason for pursuit, the way it changed into terminated, effects, and climate/traffic patterns

Employees Vehicle Damageing Documentation Software

  • Track worker vehicular accidents and incidents to set up agency expenses
  • Monitor Data Points via built-in statistical reporting
  • Identify focused schooling techniques to enhance safety
  • Discover liabilities together with fallacious education, right-of-way violations, backing up, and distracted driving (i.e. on MDC, phone, radio, etc.) to enhance your training and policies wherein wished

Immigration as well as Field Investigation Reports

  • Quick solution questions about racially prompted immigration enforcement
  • Decide whilst there is ok suspicion to prevent and take a look at the immigration repute
  • Without difficulty song the final results of contacts
  • Offer enforcement statistics


The solution from Shivagya Infosoft enabled the customer to generate profit in a few steps. Both law enforcement officers of various ranks, including the local, state and federal, were benefited from the website programme. Customized software systems from Shivagya Infosoft have provided possible benefits like:

  • Reduced all of the paper works and switched to digitalization
  • Migrated statistics from one utility to any other application very without problems
  • All the record prints had been managed on azure cloud garage based on the application
  • Basic functions stepped forward discipline training, record control, field reporting, and productiveness of all ruled international locations
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