Hotel Board Reader


Our consumer is a prominent service issuer of progressive income and advertising solutions to streamline and assist institution sales within the hospitality area. With headquarters in the U.S.A., the purchaser is dominating throughout multiple geographies such as Canada, Mexico, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

In the hospitality industry, competitiveness and service products go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important to recognize competitive advantage in order to maintain a leading position. Monotonous tasks are time-consuming, but require a lot of effort. Make sure you solve this problem and ignore this problem. and that’s why the customer decided to create an application. This application is designed to turn any information from the original field research into useful static information and It’s can also be sold as a service.

Key challenges of the project are given here:

  • To create a good computer program and mapping tool that might extract huge info about businesses, hotels, and events.
  • Incapacity to emerge as aware of customized leads.
  • Not able to alter and smoothen sales strategies from lead technology to occasion planning and meeting management.
  • Now not capable of tracks updates on the upcoming occasions of the competitor’s accommodations on associate afternoon-by means-of-day foundation.
  • Guide efforts inside the appliance of smartphone verification for the statistics entered around activities.
  • Resize and compress images without losing their resolution.


Tools & Technology

  • .NET
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Telerik
  • Day-Pilot
  • Google Map


The customer decided to capitalize on each raw lead in order to boost sales and create more customer lead. Therefore, creating a platform for leading production activities is imperative for the company. Shivagya Infosoft fully understands the concerns of customers and has developed the .NET (C#) Framework for a powerful solution. The following modules for various sales and marketing activities are included:

1. Smart Search

Smart search module provides talents like:

  • Flexible reserving dates choice with dynamic input of dates that variety from a specific date, year, and month.
  • Comp sets scored against your private home.
  • all organization sets ordered by its relevance.
  • Figuring out specific key-word searches for property names & organization names.
  • Feature call searches (a type of function).
  • Interactive map looking by way of the radius.
  • Industries, its various segments, as well as subsets.
  • Every day rectangular footage used.
  • Meeting/feature duration (hours/days).

2. Graphical Views

With this module, users can create a couple of graphical perspectives of the platform the usage of the dashboard, calendar, map views to speedy provide get right of entry to to all current pastime of your comp set, the nearby area, or other preset criteria. Customers can also create their very own dashboards, calendars, and map views or search with a custom-designed view.

3. Automated Reports

This selection enables customers to install reports that can be mechanically delivered to your inbox on an ordinary basis, so you continually recognize what is happening with your comp sets.


With Shivagya Infosoft’s custom software solution of tracking lead generation activities of Hotel, the customer’s enterprise has accelerated productivity by using streamlining the one-of-a-kind techniques. This answer has additionally furnished a couple of blessings to the client together with:

  • Helped belongings to build limitless comp sets and get entry to their occasion records.
  • Clean to locate leads that in shape with client property.
  • Stood beforehand of peers and received a competitive advantage.
  • Computerized income sports that superior efficiency and decreased lead time and growth patron conversions.
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