Healthcare Management System


Our customer is an IT service provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia running and developing control, risk management, and compliance-related applications. The client’s applications are wellness-focused, and clients are mostly children’s and elderly families. The legacy customer application was SaaS-based, so new trends and innovations could not be supported. Via modernization of the new technology, the consumer has agreed to innovate and broaden the capabilities of the program.

The customer lacked the basic techniques to develop the application as a challenge. The customer agreed to approach Shivagya Infosoft to create an application that would incorporate additional functionality and improve performance in its application. The SaaS framework has become a customer income source as many households, organizations like schools, childcare facilities, construction firms, and hospitality agencies have had this program available.

Under all customer requirements, we have created an application which is well positioned on the market to deliver business advantages based on new technological trends, specifications, and Internet-based solution.


Tools & Technology

  • VB.NET
  • iZenda


Shivagya Infosoft’s partnership with the customer has delivered advantages in several different ways by upgrading their application with the new software and technology. We suggest the .NET application platform help customers fulfill their market demands to our competent team of web developers. .NET is a stable and secure application that is accessible across all formats and languages. We also developed an application to upgrade current consumer systems to handle specialized modules effectively.

Risk Management Module

This functionality allows users to develop the necessary resources, including discovery, analysis, assessment, processing, and reporting, to systematically identify and process threats and dangers during their lifecycle.


This functionality allows users to develop the necessary resources, including discovery, analysis, assessment, processing, and reporting, to systematically identify and process threats and dangers during their lifecycle.


Incidents, incidents & casualties, infection prevention, chemicals enforcement, policy, and procedures can be controlled by this module.


This module allows the company to track the process of performance development and to include the outcomes of the learning.


The system gives companies a means to document proof that they follow particular results, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS 4801, and industry-specific criteria, that are needed to comply meet regulatory and accreditation standards.


System for supporting, managing contact information, employment movements, fitness profiling, qualifications, skill/education, evaluations and assessment of personnel, and performance administration. management.


Profiles for the service network, suppliers, customers, or companies may become a group. The device helps you to monitor and maintain your group records.

Reminders and Alerts

Market user-defined rules that set warn and notify recipients and sent messages.


iZenda’s powerful tracking devices enable the company to generate complex reports and columns according to requirements. It will store reports and documents and report at predefined intervals to the nominated recipients.


The framework allows users to build and manage surveys and audits. Users may create basic or complicated inquiries, reviews, audits, self-assessments, and inspections. These are available for staff, customers, or the general public through secure system logins and/or via a defined web access URL.


Without affecting current features, Shivagya Infosoft delivered successfully all customer requirements with the use of a strong .NET platform. Our web application development services have enabled customers to increase application responsiveness, enhance response time and increase business efficiency. Our app also provided huge market benefits like Besides, our built application:

  • Benefit assessment and governance improved.
  • Improved continuity, streamlining, and openness of business processes.
  • Enhanced oversight, verification, and accreditation capability.
  • Integration/interfacing automatic.
  • Price, quality, and savings in productivity.
  • Improvement of service results – more time for workers.
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