Gravel Pack Solution


Our customer is an Oil & Energy firm that stores many oil barrels worldwide. The customer business has the potential to provide services to various oil companies and has to simulate their own gravel packs, assess them and optimize them. In the event of challenges and early incidents, the customer agreed to create a Gravel package approach to support oil firms.

Gravel Pack Solution has offered a range of options through the UI but also faced developmental complications.

  • Design the most complex therapies with fully incorporated, state-of-the-art modeling
  • Design and engineering program that stores everything until the end
  • Performance optimization during big data evaluation
  • Support for online-offline: Tools to be used on places and plants that cannot be connected to the Internet
  • Diagram for each input/feature for 2D and 3D simulation
  • Details of the various vocabulary of oil fields and the whole method of gravel packaging


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DevExpress Controls


The oil and energy market is a difficult one, requiring a thorough knowledge of the sector’s critical information in order to create an app. Our skilled and dedicated .NET developers gathered information about the industry from the customer, conducted extensive testing, and then began designing the solution. Shivagya Infosoft created a technical desktop software package for well-site care design, assessment, and calibration.

Our personalized approach is commonly categorized into three major modules:

1. Simulation Module:

This module uses well, reservoir, and other general data and engineering concepts to model, forecast and refine treatment results before it is implemented.

Features included in this module are:

  • Well diagnosis requires deviation analysis, position type, temperature profile, treatment type, and the management of pipe string components
  • Lower completion tab, running set, and shunt tube tab-complete screen
  • Fluid screen: Fluid knowledge management
  • Gravel Screen: Handle details on gravel
  • Initial data including tool position, fluids, pumping path, and pumping schedule is seen on the push pad.
  • Data confirmation, calling motor, etc. are used in the simulation. Chart/results update and back up data results.
  • The outcome screen displays a comparison of scenarios (using different scenarios can be comparable), diagrams indicating real-time simulation development, and a list of outcomes.

2. Evaluation Module:

The outcomes of the procedure after output are measured in compliance with the study of steps taken in the treatment (pressure, temperature, etc). Features in this module are as follows:

  • Multiple files in various formats import data processing features.
  • The range control function controls the range of inputs and applies the range.
  • Features such as a pumping screen, screen results, completion screen, gravel and fluid screen, well, execution assessment are close to machine simulation.

Calibrate Feature

The data and the assessment data on a single plot are clearly overlaid for direct contrast.

Unit System

It specifies or alters the devices, incorporates custom units, switches between various units during the operation of the same machine to allow the user to see how the simulation meets the truth.

Documentation Help

Detailed machine documents and guided inputs are stored.

3. Licensing Module:

A single system key, parse software license key and activate/update license has been developed.

Software Updates

Check the patches for applications quickly, download and upgrade the most recent versions of the software.


The client benefited immensely from end-to-end product production and maintenance services provided by Shivagya Infosoft, which accelerated the business of the customer and made cost savings. Any of the main advantages of this approach are:

  • Simulation of most complex scenarios and sophisticated methods for data processing
  • Rigging for precision and performance dynamics
  • Flexible data handling Optimization of design and complete integrated modeling of the shunt tunnel.
  • Ease of movement and power
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