Global Logistics Solution


Our customer is the main issuer of freight management answers who wanted to utilize current technology inside their commercial enterprise. To make freight buying and selling trouble-loose and well-timed, they determined to remove office work wanted in freight control from the beginning to the quit of deliveries internationally.

With an aim to enhance efficiency, reduce the chance of non-compliance, and spark off mobility for all of the agents, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and de-consolidators, we created a centralized on-hand platform. With over an extra than 25 years within the change commercial enterprise and serving more than 800 users, they understand that every patron has wonderful requirements and needs to be completely addressed in their definitive structure

Key challenges of the projects are given below:

  • To combine exchange answers into a single web-based platform from a multi-department organization.
  • Create an answer that streamlines all the methods throughout numerous departments in a company.
  • Well suited systems wherein ABI/ACE conform to all USA custom rules.
  • The link management system that manages all customers and assigns their status can store all the data they need and reuse a reality for their export operations.
  • We offer complete solutions that allow users to create and deliver goods from customer to customer.
  • Create an accounting system to manage and validate data factors together with invoices, proforma invoices, quotations, checks, journals, and audit trail them.
  • To carry out a container tracking module that allows the organization to govern its shipments and consolidate actions from multiple carriers.
  • Dynamic dashboard and report building platform that allows customers to layout and generates the dashboard and file with a click.
  • Centralized report management machine to control files associated with shipments.


Tools & Technology

  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports
  • Windows Server


Shivagya infosoft in-residence .NET builders supplied a custom software program application solution that had a big impact on the consumer’s services. Our team constructed the subsequent modules within the software program:

Entity Management

This module creates and managed all of the predefined system facts along with setting up new users, their profiles, carrier codes, airline codes to make it a destiny-equipped software.


Agents can actively make changes using their rights to create shipments, preserve all shipments-related documents like 7501, ISF, ACR, and disadvantage form. Moreover, they also can post essential records and specific suitable price information to CBP on behalf of their clients.

Air/Ocean Export

As consistent with the access rights, the export corporation can create grasp airway bills and house airway bills and might send AES query for shipment clearance and get a quick response on every shipment reputation.

Air/Ocean AMS

AMS structures can generate files associated with shipments entered within us. With the use of this, they could ship all required statistics to CBP for incoming cargo clearance.

Breakbulk Import

This module works similarly to the export device, but in assessment to the export system, it doesn’t have specific containers. Breakbulk cargo is transported in baggage, bins, crates, drums, or barrels.


ITS accounting permits clients to enter statistics without delay for all the invoices, exams, journals, until the audit trails, and well-known ledgers are finished. Its accounting module summarizes unique info along with monetary statements, statements of cash glide, and statements of strolling capital.


This module allows customers to create a proforma invoice earlier than real transmission takes the location.

Dashboard Manager and Report Writer

With the usage of this module, admin can generate dynamic dashboards and can get the right of entry to reviews of their customers or their requirements.

Document Management System

This module shops and manages all of the documents required for shipment transmission from a single area.

Container Tracking

ITS VelaTrack module is included with all its logistics packages permitting the corporation to govern shipments and consolidate actions from a couple of services. It constantly videoes presentations devices the shipment reputation and tracks statistics in a concise and personalized interface. Information consisting of empty pickup, sailing schedules, ETD by route, ETA, the gate in full, loaded on board, discharge full, and gate out full allow to remotely reveal the status of cargo.


The client completed the following commercial enterprise advantages with the aid of partnering with Shivagya Infosoft, a .NET development organization:

  • The machine has centralized and streamlined approaches for all of the departments of the organization.
  • Advanced statistics visibility and transparency during several business units.
  • Higher financial critiques in collaboration with every business unit.
  • Shorter operations time and superior patron satisfaction ratio.
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