ERP Solutions


Our client is Cape Town, an organization with high-quality ERP solutions and accountability software that thrive to boost market performance and revenues. They have market management tools with their current infrastructure to build, serve and encourage their services. The customer still sells various desktop apps but does not have the sophisticated functionality that customers already need. They then agreed to create integrated business software that, through Shivagya Infosoft, offers a centralized view of knowledge dispersed through various divisions.

The project’s main obstacles were:

  • Build an optimized enterprise solution for individual or multi-branch companies on a desktop basis.
  • This way all operations are streamlined through multiple divisions of one business.
  • Consolidation of documents to merge various branches and stores.
  • Solid SQL query creator that enables the user to construct and create the reports for the fly. Dynamic reports builder with
  • Phase of approval that allows the customer to know the file status and to notify them, should approvals be pending.
  • The ERP framework facilitates the authentication and authorization of pre- and multi-stage users.


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft VB.Net
  • WPF
  • MVVM
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • DevExpress Controls
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service)
  • Active Reports
  • Crystal Reports


Shivagya Infosoft has developed a custom ERP solution with a range of new features and modules like, .NET, C# MsSQL, Windows, to advance the customers’ business with this innovative solution.

Aid for multi-industry and multi-store

In a single, detailed report the customer can view data for various firms for fetching and sorting from multiple division databases and displayed it in a single report.


Provision for flexibility in the management of all account-based business operations, such as account tables, category of account, budget and balance, newspaper, receipt, deposit, loan, debit notes, currency exchange, budget, opening entry vouchers, and related records.


Provides all data from transit charting, account type, budget and balance, journal, receipt, deposit, credit notes, bills of debit, exchanging of currencies, budget, opening vouchers, and related records.

In order to prevent any data differences, the method of bank reconciliation should also be carried out and payment of bank accounts & statements can be correctly monitored.


Streamline stocks of all matrices, assembled or withdrawn from stock stocks using this module. Now organizations can conveniently monitor their inventory, collect statistics, print barcodes for an item, produce a new item, acquire warehouse details, list items, change inventory, and print inventory reports. This module manages goods used in the delivery and purchase module more effectively.


Track and handle all seller information, quotes, orders, invoices and returns, item cost generation, credit letter, and its related reports. This module manages suppliers, orders, and retail returns. Often impacted are inventory products, banks, and accounts.


Simplify all sales details from consumer data carelessly and create their associated accounts by submitting a quote, ordering, invoice, refund, sales stage. This module will also handle sales and return pieces. Inventories, banks, and client alerts are also included in this module.


Protect all assets and property and their associated reporting by easy collaboration and access to information from other modules, such as banks and accounts.


For sales of a warehouse commodity, a Point of Sale module is available. This module changes the stock object and produces valuables.


A basic CRM module handles all customer, sales and interaction records. We can handle opportunities or lead or conduct events and campaigns comfortably now. This module also enables user requests to be handled by ticket creation.

Facilitates rich functional modules that include the retention of money transactions information, bank portfolio, banknotes and changes, letter of guarantee, etc.

Manage Projects

Monitor the income and expenses of the different schemes (with change orders and commitments) and provide all other related information on the project from bids, progress, and other relevant information such as the tendering of papers. The following information will be available.


Since using the tech solution from Shivagya Infosoft, the customer has been able to derive a wide range of market advantages and popularity.

  • Our solution is one of the biggest ERP systems to be sold in Africa.
  • This unified structure simplifies all operations through multiple consumer divisions.
  • The consumer witnessed enhanced exposure of information in different business divisions.
  • Better accounting reporting since each unit is incorporated.
  • Shorter operating time and better service to customers.
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