Court Case Management System


Our client is a leading public zone corporation operating on multiple cases of states, counties, and their felony institutions. Managing their relationship between various criminal cases and prosecutors ’concerns has become the primary goal of our patron. With a suitable timetable of accessing records through a commonplace source, the client determined to broaden a cloud-based product that automates the whole management of criminal instances together with the popularity of each case of the prosecutors.

Ordinary users need a lot of work for statistical evaluation. This providing wonderful evidence to every single office and its officials to behavior hearing offerings. The most crucial challenge confronted throughout the development segment became to build a cloud-based totally solution that incorporates all of the functions to be had handiest on the laptop model in conjunction with a cloud-primarily based version.

The Key Challenges of the project are given below:

  • To expand a cloud-based totally gadget with a pinnacle-notch appearance, sense, and functionalities for windows.
  • To build a one-stop environment solution for an answer on every case and prosecutors.
  • Special functions that may be easily followed and maintained through electricity customers.
  • Improving file management with all available recognized technology.
  • Lack of ability to generate dynamic reviews or build a platform with a sturdy square query builder that permits the consumer to design and generate the record on the fly.
  • Unable to routinely generate an electronic mail of more than one documents in a single manner.
  • Lack of ability to digitize paper-primarily based documents.
  • Unable to combine Westlaw control, eFiling offerings in the present device.


Tools & Technology

  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • Aspose.Words.dll
  • AJAX
  • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • Internet Information Server


After considerate considerations approximately purchaser distinct desires, Shivagya Infosoft developed a completely incorporated and complete enterprise answer the use of Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server, Crystal Reports) allowing the following functions:

  • Created a cloud-based totally machine with a unique appearance, sense, and functionalities for windows.
  • Document control & era the usage of azure, SharePoint, or filesystem.
  • Microsoft word mail merges function to effortlessly generate files for one case or more than one case at an identical time.
  • Case and charge management.
  • To build an effective relational database for an all-inclusive case tracking and reporting system​​​​​.
  • ​​​​​In-built TWAIN Compliant, web-based scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.
  • Generate appointments and responsibilities based totally on regulations furnished.
  • Automation of the workflows.
  • Introduced GUI mirroring for computing device software.
  • Facility to apply mouse key, function key, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Dynamic grid which most effective loads records whilst required.
  • All case statistics may be considered prominently on display.
  • Offer to propose access to all case data and smooth tracking services approximately a victim.
  • Planned to replace a docket with upcoming proceedings without looking for each case.
  • Digital arrest/referral transfers and restitution.
  • Person customizable dashboard along with the capability to location required widgets on the dashboard.
  • Victim service-based textual content notification is provided to send a text notification to the user.
  • Worksheet integration with the dashboard.
  • Role-based totally authentication to provide very specific rights in step with the person.
  • Generating all the kinds of records from the totally cloud-based platforms at the side of their maintenance reviews.


Legal records on crimes, judges, and their trials were confidential information that could be maintained without infringements of privacy. In order to build a forum to address/secure confidential information, the customer trusted Shivagya Infosoft. Shivagya Infosoft has developed this cloud-based system for our user – the government department – using the utmost dignity and confidentiality, using.NET, C# and Microsoft products. This app allowed them to gain some advantages such as:

  • Drastically advanced the communique and workflow between two separate physical places by way of imparting one integrated machine.
  • Our dependable, resilient, and robust device offers nearly all the functionalities required to automate the complete method.
  • Fetch-up all the data conversion from the legacy systems.
  • To build an advanced docket controlling system and the potential to track judgment surpassed on instances based upon crime categories and the prosecutor assigned.
  • Customizable reports as consistent with personal desires.
  • Made most of the techniques automated and paperless.
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