Coporate Learning Management System


The client is a charity organization headquartered in Manchester, the UK that works internationally to advocate justice on multiple aspects such as social justice, gender balance and the eradication of poverty, and many other matters. To implement justice, the federation needs funds. These funds come from other stakeholders, administrations, trusts, or companies to the federation. To control cash flow, the customer needs a worldwide contract management system. In order to create a solution that would provide self-directed training of its system at a global level, the client used Shivagya Infosoft’s custom product development service.

The customer needed to administer its contracts and provide end-users with a complete application, built internally and with diverse features, with training.


Tools & Technology

  • SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SPFx
  • MS Stream
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Power Automate


To support this training program, we have built distinct and various application features using the new Office 365 user interface. The course is given for the consistency of knowledge in many classes. Two user positions – admin and trainee users – are available for our custom web-solution.


  • The user controls the contents of different courses and tracks user progress through the dashboard.
  • This Dashboard features important fatalities, such as overview, total user count, completed chart course, average quiz results chart, news, and course updates, and a wise user report.

Trainee User

  • The trainee customer is an end-user who passes this phase of preparation and takes classes to learn the process of the fund management system.
  • User Dashboards and all the courses are available to chart your progress.
  • You can find applications including overviews, alerts to news & classes, user courses, saved pages, documents, and connections.

Course Page

  • The course page is administered by the user and used by the trainee to read.
  • The consumer of the Admin will have the following functions based on his needs in a course.


  • The completion certificate for that particular course is generated when the user completes a course that is greater than or equal to the minimum percentage.
  • When the user finishes all the courses with the appropriate target, a certificate is issued for each course and sent to him and the admin user via email.

Application Features

There are some of the excellent features in user-based apps and their part and their current page on which the Admin user adds.


The details (title and description) on a website are seen.

Course Image

This picture shows the different figures linked to its direction.

Labeled Graphic Content

This diagram shows details in the form of several co-ordinates that represent the route as markers. The definition is seen by hovering on a dot.

Document timeline for PowerPoint

The PowerPoint interactive document offers information on a course.


For detailed comprehension of the course or any other functions, documentation from the relevant archive or, of course, the document library or user home dashboard page are shown.


In comparison, content is shown on a single channel and these videos are merged.

Course Quiz

In this function, the trainee is tested for the lectures. To complete the course, the user must enter the minimum percentage.

Image Matching Game

For a course, pictures are shown on the left and users must map them with the corresponding groups on the right. The end-user should verify their interpretation of a game. It is a logical GUI.

Total User Count

It indicates current users by their course status and the number of active users.

Course Completed Chart

The number of students who completed a course in a bar chart for each course is shown.

Average Quiz Result Chart

In this function, you can see the average result for trainees against each course in a bar map.

News & Course Updates

This feature shows the most recent recorded “News and Course Updates.”

Course Wise User Report

A bar schedule shows the average score for each course for the trainee.

User Courses

The advances of trainees for all courses are seen by this feature. The name, quantity, and credential ratio of the course are typically specified.

Saves Pages

The pages are shown as favorites of trainees and are bookmarked.


The fast links on the user’s home dashboard are shown.


The site’s smooth atmosphere delivers the trainee’s superb success of the contract management system. The software development service of Shivagya Infosoft has led its company to gain tremendous success.

  • As and when appropriate, administrators will run quizzes for different courses.
  • Track each user’s success in any quiz quickly.
  • Help the administrative user monitor the advancement of trainees with special visual images, including maps and reports.
  • Improved forums for the exchange of information for all long-time consumers.
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