Configure Price Quote Solution


Our buyer is based in Austin, United States of America, an emerging marketing solution firm closely linked to CRM, ERP, SAP, and other e-commerce systems. This efficient incorporation of the database means that the request is completely automated. Standard bidding and buying teams can therefore take more than an hour to execute on-site, requiring time and resources. In order to simplify the reference procedure, a sales answer has to be generated to save time. The preparedness time recommended is more than 10 minutes.

Shivagya Infosoft proposed a business approach based on .NET, which combines Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and simplifies the quote and price negotiation process. A vast array of priorities has been achieved and some of the main aspects of our approach for CPQ are outlined below:

  • To combine CPQ (Configure Price Quote) with the Salesforce and dynamics CRM
  • To broaden a sensible search solution and seek tags
  • Set up effective conversation channels with at ease real-time get right of entry to business data without time or area confines


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft .NET
  • MVC
  • C#
  • WCF
  • Silverlight
  • Salesforce
  • Dynamic
  • CRM
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft RDLC reports
  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • XSLT
  • AppFabric Caching services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Windows Server


Our technology experts knew the necessities of the customer and analyzed the tough conditions they were facing. We have an innovative CPQ framework that can be easily combined with Salesforce CRM. Our first wish is to perform this role in Microsoft services (like MySQL, C#, Windows Home Server). The following helpful and solid features are given by CPQ.

  • Crating fast and accurate quotes and price agreements:

    CCPQ automates the quoting and fee settlement procedure & gives you the costs and fee agreements to the clients within 10 minutes of request initiation.

  • Recommendations for automated cross-selling and up-selling:

    Affords the ability to endorse other merchandise for attention or advocate complete configurations throughout the quoting method.

  • Precise estimating with CRM integration:

    To control the pricing rules engine, configure Salesforce CRM. Customization includes bodies, fields, features, texts, maps, etc. Carry the mark and conventional appliances Together.

  • Customization of UI components:

    Permits customizing the menus, ribbons, bureaucracy format, dashboard, and so forth.

  • CRM framework indirect access:

    Our custom software affords access to CRM from the CPQ device the usage of identical login credentials. This offers you the sensation and effect of moving in your CRM gadget. It also offers the capability of agency workflow configuration, dialogs, and the facility of dealing with client-based work orders.

  • Creation of proposals and reports

    Customers can personalize the reports utilizing attaching the employer emblem and other info. They also can include any custom-designed terms and conditions in those reviews.

  • Visual Sales Configurator:

    CPQ with 3D visualization is brought to enable the sales advisor, associates, or customers to peer what specifically they may be shop.

  • eCommerce Portal:

    Leverages significant API that conversations records between CRM and eCommerce portal. It helps the management of bills, opportunities, and charges through isolated systems in real-time without loss of data.

  • Quick Output:

    All products and pricing are packaged accurately with discounting abilities and a constant branded quote output.


Our successful past-collaboration with USA-based totally customers delivered worthwhile commercial enterprise advantages to our contemporary customers. Our CPQ solution has surged the sales to a remarkable quantity. Our software program solution added a hit benefits which includes

  • Progressed and simplified manner of quoting in terms of an attempt.
  • Enabled the purchaser to promote this answer either stand-on my own or integrated with Salesforce CRM.
  • CRM included CPQ solution helped to remove inefficiencies inside the income procedure to lessen quote turnaround, reduce the sales cycle, increase the deal size by using bringing all departments together.
  • Automate, the error-loose and rapid enterprise process resulted in a sturdy strategic partnership and turned amateur sales representatives into income leaders.
  • Cutting-edge era-enabled minimum errors and most advantages.
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