School Management Systems


Our client is located in Miami, USA, in the leading education industry. The customer wanted to create an application that enhances the success of students at home and school. They wanted to create an app that would keep pupils, teachers, and parents aware of student development, homework status, graphic snapshot attendance, comportment, and progress updates. They wanted to develop a Web Application and Mobile Applications.

This web-based program was designed to monitor all homework and to substitute an existing paper planner framework for the teachers and their management. The software can be checked on new posts, homework assignments, and student performance alerts by students and parents daily.

The key project problems were:

  • Communicate without interruption between our network and current SIMS apps.
  • To process school data integration with SIMS software and connect to our platform.
  • Sync data during school time effectively.
  • To warn and relay critical news immediately.
  • Student operation parental authority.


Tools & Technology
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • Cordova
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Android


Shivagya Infosoft created a planning and scheduling web app using cutting-edge technology such as Angular and PHP to effectively handle homework, schedules, communications, and analytics through a school planner framework, which includes the following features:

Assignment management

Teachers will assign assignments, and students will receive a notification. Students may access their homework and supplementary tools, as well as rate the quality of the resources. Teachers will download the assignments and grade them.

Messages & communication

Teachers will transmit signals as vital activities such as a new assignment, homework reminders, and homework suggestions are performed by students. Private chat messages are allowed on the portal.


The school administrator will access all class/student records, submissions, and assessments on an online site along with the last active date. Users can import reports for access to their class results.


Schools can provide appointment schedules to students and parents to discuss the success of students or specific items between students, parents, and teachers.


Students can obtain an outline of pre-reading, subjects, and relevant topics for the whole month before the start of this month.

Parent access and control

The school will provide the guardians with the ability to log in and view the student profile and monitor the progress of the student.

School Administrator

Ability to upload student and parent lists, schedules, and updates if the incorporation of MIS/SIS is not enabled by third-party resources, including academic, educational, student, and class management privileges.


The payment module includes a free trial with multiple school plans. Auto-renewal, reminders to notify you of your payment, and several mores.


Shivagya Infosoft’s online and smartphone application clients have earned perfect solutions, consumers have made higher admission in their school. The customer has seen an increase in their customer base by taking advantage of online and smartphone software creation facilities. Multiple additional advantages such as:

  • It reduced the expenses for school photos and messages, which are environmentally friendly.
  • If a pupil has special educational needs, parents should support the teacher after graduation.
  • Students are inspired by ranking and evaluating features to do more.
  • Parents can track and remotely monitor a child’s development that saves time and is effective.
  • Schools now provide a clearer overview of the success of students and teachers.
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