Salon Portal


The universe is full of people who aspire to represent perfection with the precious hair and skin that is deserving of Pinterest. And in that, there’s nothing wrong! The customer lives in Australia, where high-quality hair color is well established as a pattern in fashion. Salon professionals from around the world are happy to give our customers rich hair color solutions. The consumer wanted an accessible channel that would cater to its target demographic and its relevant products.


Tools & Technology

  • Framework: Magento
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Integration: PayPal
  • Development Tool: Sublime

The Client

Being an experienced hair beauty specialist, the customer aimed at sharing their products, services, and acquired experience with the best price of rich hair in Australia. After having specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of items of hair colors for salon owners, the customer wanted to create an attractive and effective market for their products.

The main needs were:

  • Design a creative website with the ideas of the brand on beauty.
  • Keep visibility on the website and draw new users with “News”.
  • Free product samples will be given at no extra charge.
  • Put guest checkout restrictions on free sample products.
  • Allow the addition of product video ads.
  • Multiple shipping rates can be described according to the target methodology.


We have chosen to develop a Magento shop that presents information in every product niche. The entire website design concept was related, in some way, to hair beauty.


We have developed Fanola as a remedy, which has a variety of enticing features, but also artistic features. We took note of the website to exact compliment the hair color products of our clients.

Key features were:

  • Functional and completely functional multi-theme, easy to configure, simple to use, and professional in appearance.
  • Given the “news” segment of which news, releases, and enterprise-specific information are published.
  • Facilitated Zero Checkout for administrators to provide a free sampling of the commodity.
  • “Guest checkout” restrict to avoid free product samples ordered by unregistered customers.
  • Facilitated manager for the integrated video URL from any product advertising resource.
  • Integrated “Table Rate Shipping” method to set several shipping rates by selected destination.
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