Reinsurance System


Our customer is a UAE-based insurance service provider. The main goal is to provide safe insurance coverage to all kinds of cargo companies in their area, fire, hull, life, and medical services. The consumer was looking for a web-based service provider that can handle its accounts as well as an internal and external market product effectively.

The firm dealt with other partners including insurance undertakings/committees/reinsurance undertakings. The fundamental customer market division can be classified into

  • Inward Business
  • Outward Business

The customer needed a web-based framework that would supplement the current infrastructure that had been built in traditional technologies such as VB language. Unlike insurers, reinsurance is not insured by individuals and businesses, but insurance companies themselves. The main explanation for the reinsurance is that the insured needs to cover the entire liability if the reinsurance is not achieved. Reinsurance is a dynamic and dangerous enterprise, which involves different complex equations and business logic. In the context of integrated calculations and distinct functions, including multi-renter, high-safety, and high-performance data management, customers needed to develop a user-friendly program.

The customer wanted the machine to deal with large data, interpret the data and produce different premium and claim sum reports and estimates based on different parameters. The program should include the means by incorporating third-party currency rates suppliers for calculating different sums at live currency rates.


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft .NET
  • MVC
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • MySQL
  • DevExpress/DevExtream UI Controls
  • DevExpress Reporting and Dashboard


Shivagya Infosoft, who has been researching the consumer need in-depth, provided the customer with a web business system based on.NET (C#) that provides a range of advantages and plans to help handle bigger details, different insurance forms, premium estimation, claims, and accounts.

Any of the main aspects of the project management system are included:


It allows the customer to easily handle different internal and external arrangements (contracts and optional agreements) which are further divided into proportional and non-proportional company forms. We set a system to operate within, further brokered by branch, i.e. crash, fire, engineering, etc., depending on each program for an insurance provider. This ensures that reinsurers with the insurance provider will define the framework well in advance. They will then cede to the reinsurer on a case-by-case basis. The beginning date and ending date and expiry date are agreed upon, with all provisions in advance to allow insurance providers to cede all homogeneous risks associated with this form of a contract under this Treaty.

Keep track of numerous insurance providers, customers, brokers, and insurance groups such as general, life, and medical. Contract inside and inside with all the coverage, shares, and approvals. It also manages the link between internal and external companies. Since they have their present position and all facts and calculations, contracts or real-time contracts are managed for subscribers.


Provision has been made for the management of lawsuits by different vendors and the collection of information about several damages. Furthermore, find the net gross expenses and additional costs invested and the necessary activities of prior contracts. With loss advice, broad lost and respective claim and pending. Insurance claims provide loss advice. Automatically measures contract claims, advantages, and obligations based on contract coverage. The device enables users to calculate different numbers based on signed contracts.

Technical Accounts

Access to an interface that handles the technical account department’s business activities and procedures, providing the aggregation of data for processing with other departments. The department of technical accounts is highly significant for the company. This kit ensures that all monetary technical dealings occur with all relevant internal and external arrangements are kept track of and the technical details of the treaties are maintained.

The kit also gives consumers valuable access privileges for managing slips in different forms such as Accounts Statements, Outgo and Premium and Loss Portfolios, Profit Commissions, Premium Reserves, and others. The users will also produce different types of data, including timely transfers against each contract account and comparative reports that help to assess the user’s success of the different treaties, which can eventually help businesses decide correctly.

Current & Financial Account

Enables the Department for cedent’s Accounts to manage or connect with related slips or accounts entered by the other departments all credit and debit transactions concluded or obtained by the Financial Department.

Transactions of all currencies present around the world are entered and handled – primarily the initial country currency and the base currency of the cedent. Moreover, the current account department also manages the currency re-evaluations sometimes to make the translations of the currencies compatible with the current currency exchange rate. The kit enables users to enter the current and finance account module appropriately to add payment coupons, add vouchers, handle the account headings of all systems accounts, combine transfers with the technical account accounts to resolve payments in the RSS scheme, perform a monetary re-evaluation, and perform account reconciliations.

Various Ledgers

Manage separate ledgers such as account heads and operational accounts, which allows users to verify and manage the receipts, claims, and pending accounts.

Dynamic Reporting

Provides a strong dynamic reporting platform that enables users to configure and generate the report with dynamic filters, results, sorting, and grouping during runtime. The optimized query is created and the data is collected in the report viewer.

Dynamic Dashboards

Facilitate users to modify and develop their dashboards in conjunction with dynamic filtering with a versatile dynamic dashboard. The organization will also make it easy for consumers to administer multiple report schedules in the form of reports daily.

Generic Search

Provides a strong and customizable configurable search with many custom filters for each individual. Easy for users to configure searches, sort, the group during runtime by output fields. It also offers generic functions to manage masters and assist institutions.


Supports several user interface languages in which the end-user can specify any number of runtime languages.

Dynamic System Help

Functional to manage end-user application support in many languages at runtime. It also provides functionality for creating the whole system’s user manual by specified languages.

Notifications and Alerts

Provides powerful features for sending or receiving alerts and planned execution reports from the program with customizable models as content via email and device notification. This also sends assignments and memoranda for different operations.

Document Management

A versatile content management system, compatible with external links and storage systems, which consists of limitless document storage. Links to different device units.

Online Client Portal

Provides the providers and customers with different reports and dashboards to verify the changes, accrued amounts, payments, lawsuits, etc.

Security & Workflow

Designed to help and automate repeated company processes for optimal results. Workflow control includes the development of a record-keeping form and the automation of a linear job direction before the data has been completed. Requires people to automatically obey repetitive procedures, incomplete tasks and offers an outline of the workflow automatically. The Modules and the operations level offer powerful user functions and access privileges functionality for different users and agencies.

Premium and Pricing Tools

Provides automated premium estimates based on covers and advantages for the customer and at the stage of the deal. Bordereaux bulk data are processed from cedents and the prices and individual rates for life and healthcare contracts are produced.

Premium Matrix

Enable users to use a variety of premium calculation matrices, which are dependent on different parameters such as Benefit, Covers, Region, Contract Form, Age, Gender, etc.


Shivagya Infosoft has supplied the Arab Client with a personalized “Reinsurance Solution” to an enormous degree. Our personalized web app has delivered advantages to the consumer like:

  • Flexible supervision of programs
  • Improved standard of delivery and operation
  • Improved standard of satisfaction with the client
  • Automatic calculations and handle huge data
  • Highly safe and high accuracy, powerful and complex reporting system.
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