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Plum Range has been serving one of the best kids and toddler apparel since 1965. The brand name has many accolades that have seen it become a household name in the world of children’s wear. The Australian-based family company wanted to create a room where they could display their extensive line of high-quality clothing, swimwear, sleep bags, and swaddles. As a result, the plum shop was born.


Tools & Technology

  • Framework: Magento
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Integration: PayPal, eWay, Mailchimp
  • Development Tool: Sublime

The Client

The client needed an online shop that not only showcased their products and premium apparel crafted by experts with extensive experience but also focused on target markets, catalog offerings showcased trendy apparel identifying industry style, and built a strong customer base.

The following is the primary requirements:

  • VIP members enjoy special discounts.
  • Buyers’ ease in finding a clothing shop
  • A demonstration and illustration of a company material Newsletter subscription program for disseminating knowledge to consumers.
  • Possibility of offering tempting gift cards
  • Only credit card purchases are approved in Australia.
  • Start and run a buddy recommendation service.
  • Featured goods and price discounts should be emphasized.


We began developing an immersive shopping experience after getting a brief from them by using the VIP member’s module to distribute exclusive discounts. Our ultimate goal was to create a thoughtful website that not only featured an excellent interface but also assisted the customer in providing trendy and branded clothing for children.


Finally, we were able to establish an online shop that includes kid’s designer clothing to meet everyone’s taste and demand. Aside from that, the platform sponsored flat cost and free delivery – auto estimation of shipping costs – as well as email marketing strategies, enabling them to widely advertise their goods. Payment systems sponsored include eWay and PayPal.

The following is the standout features:

  • VIP customers have access to a specific customer group facility that helps them to earn discounts.
  • Using a map, you will find shops in numerous areas and get full contact information.
  • To continue email marketing, a MailChimp extension has been integrated.
  • A gift card with a customized note had helped to market the brand.
  • eWay Payment portal integration.
  • Friend referral service in which you refer a friend to the website and receive a discount coupon code upon the friend’s good registration.
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