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The music industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and technology is playing a key role in its success. The customer, who was based in Singapore, wanted to put his best foot forward in the highly competitive art and culture industry. They realized possible problems that could lead to major misfortunes when overseeing and organizing music events after manually performing the band allocation process. As a result, they agreed to create an online forum that will help in the coordination of fantastic music festivals and performances around the world.


Tools & Technology

  • Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Web Server: Linux, Apache
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: MySQL
  • Integration: HybridAuth, Sphinx, TCPDF
  • Development Tool: Visual Studio

The Client

Organizing bands and interacting with a diverse variety of fans is certainly a daunting challenge. In order to meet the main requirement, a customer had to create ImTunedIn, a market for musicians.

The following is the primary requirements:

  • A band management mechanism that is automatic- incidents and practices.
  • Difficulty in locating the band members’ availability for any operation.
  • Opportunities were carried out due to a lack of contact with the band members.
  • There was a lack of a collaborative approach to managing band operations.
  • To notify participants about the upcoming event, a notification system could accept and transmit appropriate messages as needed.


We agreed to build a platform that links artists, music-related enterprises, companies that host private and wedding activities, and so on! Essentially, we wanted to create an interface that would remove inconsistencies in artist collaboration and conversation. Reduce the time-saving manual process and improve obligations.


The key goal of making ImTunedIn was to eliminate all the difficulties in organizing and managing events, seeking the presence of band members, intercommunication, and all those tasks that are difficult to handle manually. The app not only simplified the entire workflow, but also explored new paths, linked innovation, and skills, and engaged with the fan base directly.

The following is the highlight features:

  • BandCal integration allows you to monitor, control, and handle all band groups’ activities on a single screen.
  • BandHelp is a service that helps you locate a time period during a given day and time when all of the band members are available.
  • Created a simple and user-friendly interface for managing band operations.
  • BandCal’s smartphone app (Android and iOS) featured features such as BandCal, BandHelp, and Band Chat, which streamlined the process by maintaining website connectivity at all times and from any location.
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