FMCG Website


The customer needed to provide comprehensive information on a wide variety of dietary supplements, nutritious snacks, and drinks. Since 1991, the client, based in the Middle East, has been engaged in the distribution of FMCG goods in North America, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. Experience in a variety of sectors, including banking, real estate, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. As a result, we provided a Magento website that allows consumers to navigate the site with ease.



Tools & Technology

  • Framework: Magento
  • Web Server: Linux, Apache
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Development Tool: sublime

The Client

The client has been successful in presenting over 30 international brands in the Middle East region, ranging from retail to real estate, manufacturing, transportation, and healthcare. They wanted to create a website that displayed a wide variety of all important health items that could be divided into various brands and their respective categories.

The following is the primary requirements:

  • Develop a personalized website that is compatible with the Magento platform.
  • The design of a website should allow for the viewing of a diverse variety of items.
  • A user-friendly website that allows for fast navigation.
  • Manage product details and knowledge.


By developing an eCommerce website, we were able to create the best version of ourselves for the people to whom we were speaking: people looking for affordable fitness supplements, nutritional snacks, and drinks. We must ensure that the website layout helps users to access the platform with ease.


We came up with the concept of using a Magento app that offers a streamlined interface to end-users after knowing our client’s exact needs. As a result, we developed a website architecture that helps the customer to categorize their items into different categories such as vitamins, healthy treats, and so on.

The following is the standout features:

  • Website landing pages that are customized to all screen sizes
  • Client’s products are quickly sold into multinational labels and supplement groups.
  • A user registration option is open, as well as a separate section for news and events.
  • Other forms that were produced included the profession, contact us, and so on.
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