Florist Store Website


The Singapore-based online store allows customers to order flower arrangements anytime they want. With a 360-degree shift in customer buying behavior, the client desired to create a virtual marketplace that showcases a diverse variety of goods with straightforward purchasing procedures. As a result, the florist store was created; a completely responsive website that provided shoppers with a complete line of flowers online, as well as a convincing call to action button.


Tools & Technology

  • Framework: Magento
  • Programming Language: PHP, jQuery, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Integration: PayPal
  • Development Tool: Sublime

The Client

For our customers, providing a hassle-free online shopping experience and delivery service has always been a top priority. Our clients wanted to build a forum where their end buyers could easily shop for floral. We were shocked to learn that their whole flower range was planned by experienced florists; therefore, all of the flowers are new and long-lasting. It is assumed that only the highest performing flowers are shipped and they are well wrapped in show boxes.

The following were the primary requirements:

  • The short and clear checkout method
  • Enable for the customization of shipping days depending on holidays.
  • Establish a cutoff deadline to ensure same-day delivery.
  • Live chat service is open.


Our aim was to build a florist shop that communicates effectively, encourages confidence, and enhances product awareness. Finally, we completed a professionally responsive floral website with high-resolution product images.


Our technical staff selected the appropriate color palettes and made the website attractive, integrated, and seamless to browse, as well as promoted a detailed strategy to quickly search for items. To increase website traffic, we built a variety of product selection landing pages for email marketing and SEO.

The following is the standout features:

  • Created a responsive website to ensure a safe shopping experience.
  • An integrated customized checkout process that included – delivery day/time selection, recording recipient address, and adding a message to the gift card.
  • Using Holiday Manager, the admin can limit the sale of products on specific days.
  • Assisted the client in providing a same-day floral delivery service.
  • Utilized the Live Chat service.
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