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Regardless of industry, female unemployment has long been a major problem. Around the same time, businesses find it incredibly difficult to find suitable female applicants for specialized positions. Our client in Saudi Arabia saw the need to create a platform that would assist both female job seekers and employees in the best way possible. Soon after, we built a job site to assist female applicants searching for new employment prospects.


Tools & Technology

  • Web Server: Apache
  • Programming Language: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Development Tool: Sublime

The Client

The platform was developed primarily to alleviate the fears of female workers. A place where they can not only find a career but also search for the required collection of skills and get assistance in enhancing their business results. Furthermore, it should provide daily updates and happenings in their country to job seekers and employers via newsletter and e-magazine.

The following is the primary requirements:

  • Assists female job seekers and employers in their respective tasks of finding a job and finding candidates.
  • Employers and work-seekers should use a secure password to protect their privacy and sensitive data.
  • Reddit is used to express opinions and have debates.
  • Other functions include messaging, an ads tool, and a work tracking module, among others.


Glowork, a groundbreaking project to create jobs for women, was founded by eTatvaSoft after many months of hard work and commitment. We developed a website using PHP application technologies that included a plethora of features such as work-seeker and employer registration, job listings from major employers, discussion boards, polls, statistics, and the list goes on.


We can safely claim that we reacted very well to our client’s request by providing an open forum with a user-friendly interface where both job seekers and employers have a fair opportunity to find their required match depending on their criteria.

The following is the highlight features:

  • A user-friendly PHP career site with a separate dashboard for admins, employers, and job seekers to perform their tasks.
  • Employers can now browse applicant CVs using advanced filters such as city, experience, business, qualification, and so on.
  • A comprehensive form for filling out work qualifications, along with the option of showing the company’s specifics and, of course, open positions for female applicants.
  • Employers may obtain access to the most current news, trends, and discussion forums.
  • A smart search engine has been implemented to filter job results based on the job description, type, or position.
  • An “advanced quest” to specifically narrow down the search results.
  • Finally, all newly posted positions with their posted date, work description, business name, and city name are listed on the job dashboard.
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