eCommerce Website and Mobile Application


Our UAE-based customer has become a distributor of pop culture goods such as collective products, plush toys, and miniatures. They now have shops covering more than 17000 square meters. ft. to usher about a whole new culture that has not been possible in the city, to several different ages and interests.

The consumer was supremely influenced by eCommerce companies such as Amazon, so he wanted to create an online digital store with high-end collections, pop-culture pieces, garments, and innovations. Their shop will satisfy all their customers’ expectations and provide their favorite pop stars with personalized items according to requests. They needed delivery drivers across the globe to enter any house.

The customer approached us with the same idea and expressed his idea of increasing the availability and accessibility of local store companies. Our team delivered all the customer’s specifications smoothly without technological flaws because we had the skills and knowledge with related product solutions. Our growth team at Laravel has been adept and supported with industry know-how to build both merchant and consumer the best e-commerce shop.

Our team faced the only problem with the shipping approaches and the multiple payment gateways, which took a detailed analysis and time to find a solution.


Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Html5
  • Css3
  • Andriod React Native
  • iOS React Native
  • Linux
  • Apache


After a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, we immediately began this project because our devoted PHP developers have practical expertise in designing websites built on the Laravel platform. Our business team has prepared a structural document to provide the summary of the whole project with the highest degree of trust and expertise.

Our technicians recommended that our customers create an on-demand approach with an intuitive front-end user interface and backend websites. This on-demand approach allows shoppers to quickly order their goods and allows shop owners to handle sales, products, demands, costs, and problems easily.


The simple registration process for all

The website with its basic registration feature allows users to easily sign up and fill out the information they need. To preserve website stability, ReCaptcha is used. Upon authentication, on the website the user can log in with an e-mail identifier and a password.

Browse by category

If the consumer has not settled on a specific option or does not want to look at multiple choices, he will browse the range of different categories. All categories are products, producers, newcomers, and thematics are these groups. Following availability, more categories and subcategories are added.

Search option

This pop culture website provides a search filter for all the clients to allow customers to search by rank, knowledge, category, and experience for collectibles, toys, or any form of entertainment.

Add to favorites

In this on-demand business website, we introduced the ‘add to favorites’ function, which enables users to add their favorite entertainment style to their favorite list and order it according to their needs in the future.

Multiple currency support

This Website supports many languages such as AED and USD, meaning that users can use the website to pick any currency from them and order items quickly.

Payment gateway integration

The website has a convenient and reliable payment method that makes the payment from the website easy for consumers. From different payment forms, customers can select one payment option.


With the need for a customized eCommerce site, Shivagya Infosoft’s professional and skilled Laravel developers have exceeded customer expectations. We have built and supplied the platform successfully, including the required functionality and functionalities our customers requested. The customer will also benefit from many advantages, such as:

  • Simple to order and sell these products both for consumers and for local suppliers.
  • High-end products and pop culture products that are readily available.
  • Living at the entrance.
  • Voice to text function that enables clients to pronounce the name of the product in the application, find all the information, and order everywhere around the world.
  • Improved customer loyalty by taking care of the needs of each customer.
  • The customer has increased into a wider customer base.
  • One-stop solution for the whole industry of pop culture Handles everything from orders, profits, distribution and even more efficiently.
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