Digital Signage Management Application


Our customer is a leading media and marketing firm headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, that wishes to develop a web app to manage a wider network of digital signage systems centrally. To display different digital signage dynamically on their LED screens, the customer requested the creation of the program.

The philosophy of the Client in designing this application was to raise the brand value and present numerous signage notices and commercials in various distant locations so that the brand was widely communicated.

The biggest issue with the project was:

  • The barrier of contact between the web app and player apps.
  • Digital signage material in various display sizes was lacking with a clear scale ratio.
  • Kind media discussion for player applications installed.
  • It was also challenging to remove information, view content, and submit the log to the monitoring system.


Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Yii
  • Linux
  • Vue.Js
  • NodeJS
  • Electron
  • Nginx


Shivagya Infosoft offered a single solution that favored a large-scale business. The complete JavaScript stack was the best alternative for a web application. With Vue.JS, Node.JS helped us to prototype the product and deliver it within a couple of months. The objective was to manage various advertising systems with certain prevalent features listed below by digital signage:

Video wall design

This feature is designed to create a versatile multi-video feature, supportive of a wide variety of portrait and screen configurations, to fit digitally. Multiple screen content can be generated and managed by users.

Media content support

Help is provided for any of the standard media choices including image, video, flash, URL, PowerPoint, Youtube, Weather, Newsbar, Vimeo, or any custom media file. This consumer will turn the video module in a compatible format into a digital channel.

Playlists Support

This software also facilitates playlist formation and control, which sets the order of a certain media player. There is also a provision for full playlist detail.

Scheduling Playback

This functionality allows playlists to be created and every playlist to start and end by the predefined dates. These planning options made programming in the real world simple.

Synchronizing Media

Supports a wide spectrum of media files including the playlist text, pictures, animations, video, and audio. This module syncs the signage device to your media files.

Information on payment and accounts

Provision to keep billing details that will process payment related to the content show.

Logs regarding signage and scheduling

Easy to handle various signage conditions and gather comprehensive logs, signage scheduling details.

Usage and Billing Reports

Easy to produce individual signage use and billing reports for a certain date. Dates are specified.

Manage Signage

Provision to handle the administrator’s signage information, including IP address management, resolution, modes, etc.

Live screen mirroring

Provision to allow users to produce and deploy real-time content based on locations, demographics, and promotions,


The program of 360° signage is a comprehensive approach to successfully control ads through content development to implementation. By using Shivagya Infosoft’s leading industry Web Development services, the customer gained multiple business benefits. This involves an expansion in customer base, an increase in revenue by improved point of sale deals, a decrease of up to 50 percent in printing and logistics costs through using electronic media, stronger publicity, and promotional plans. Anything that the customer would imagine can be accomplished by controlling display screens in real-time, by increasing and communicating efficiently to provide dynamic messages to the right audience at the right time and place.

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