Airway Web Application


Our customer is a leading operator of airways worldwide headquartered in New Caledonia. The customer wanted to upgrade his internal framework to meet new technology developments, which had been built with simple properties in the older SharePoint version. The legacy program, leading to high loading time, inactive collaboration, and a lack of functionality, has provided numerous challenges for the client. Consequently, the customer has chosen to implement the most advanced SharePoint application to maximize benefit from the new capabilities, to support and work effectively with organizations and employees.

The key project problems were:

  • Conventional, outdated, and unscalable device architecture, stable or high-performance.
  • No search facility to reliably, correctly, and quickly obtain search results
  • Data that should preferably automatically represent the datasets could not be modified using Microsoft Power BI reports. This was developed.


Tools & Technology

  • Visual studio
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • CSS3
  • Rest API
  • CSOM
  • SQL Server Express
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • SharePoint Server


Shivagya Infosfot has a wide range of application solutions with SharePoint growth expertise in various industries. Our team has created an intranet application based on SharePoint which manages documents, photo gallery, video gallery, table of discussion, vacancies, KPIs, and company service information. The proposed solution makes visibility in browsers, mobile devices, and other main features of the solutions easy to use and sensitive to the UI support: The following are:

Installed 3 separate SharePoint Farms built according to the best practices of Microsoft:

Install, and configure the 3-tier SharePoint Farms as defined by Microsoft Best Practices (i.e. development, production, and staging).

Office Web Server Setup and Configuration:

Enabling the opening and editing of office documents without client software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoints, etc. in browsers without using Microsoft Office.

Business Units:

There is a platform of more than 16 business units including HR, IT, Inflight Services, Engineering, Lines, Airways, Foreign Services, Sales & Marketing, etc.. which contains a public and private paper library, a discussion panel, department heads, a summary of the departments, etc.

eForms are associated with the workflow approval process:

Different eForms such as travel request forms, medicine request formula, leave request form, etc. have been created.

Hubs with expertise:

It makes it possible for blogs, activities, thoughts, and opinions to be shared internally. You can sync any blog according to category

Reports of Power BI:

The Overtime and Sick Days, Airplane Base and Leave Maintenances Finances – Running expenses vs. Real, established all forms of reports, such as Balanced Scorecard Mats, HR, Planning – provision of aircraft, quality assurance – compliance with audit, workshops of support, technological materials and services, etc.

Document Center:

Maintain in easily available place materials such as user guides, manuals, etc.

Social Media Integration:

Facebook and Twitter integration to receive feeds and incorporate feeds into SharePoint.

Event Management:

To invite people to engage, publish the latest activities on the portal.

Special Offers, Discounts, and Vouchers:

Announce special offers, discounts, and vouchers to support workers.


Take views of different practices from staff such as employee retention and various other programs, events, etc.


Our customer extracted several advantages using the personalised tech solution from Shivagya Infosoft that helped the customer benefit from:

  • Fast access and simplified internal communication via an organized and coordinated intranet platform
  • An easy and effective way to connect and increase daily efficiency between business units
  • Access to numerous updates and reminders of future activities and meetings at any update.
  • By combining multiple KPIs with storage, sharing, and recovery capabilities, the solution increased the teams and individual efficiency.
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